Burns Road Street Food: Restaurants and Contact Details (June 23)

Burns road street food

Burns Road street foods should be your next stop if you’re looking for the best street food. It’s a great place if you want to try a variety of different flavors with your family or friends. There are numerous restaurants serving food on the streets. Burns Road street food will undoubtedly satisfy you.

This street was named after ‘James Burnes,’ a Scottish doctor who worked for the Raj in Sindh. The best thing about the food here is it’s tasty and inexpensive! So, if you want to try a variety of delicious foods without spending much money, you should go there.

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Burns Road Food Street Menu 

Burns road street food is a great way to experience the mouthwatering taste of street foods. It offers the most delicious variety of flavors in Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. You will find their friendly staff always on hand to chat with you. Additionally, they offer a relaxed environment to enjoy your food.

Burns road has a number of restaurants where you will find everything you want to eat. This is the place to go to sample a variety of flavors, so let’s take a closer look at what it offers.

Food Center Burns Road

Burns road street food

Food Center is a well-known restaurant in Karachi that serves a variety of dishes. It has nearly four branches in Karachi, including one on Burns Road. The best part is the prices are entirely reasonable and affordable.

The menu at the Food Center is diverse. It includes Pakistani cuisines, Chinese, continental, bar-b-que, and fast food. It is well-known for its delectable Biryani. They also serve a starter, chicken and mutton karahi, and steaks. In addition, they offer tasty Desi foods, burgers, sandwiches, and many other dishes.

Air-Conditioned Dine-In & quick Takeaway, Home & Office Delivery, Buffet, and Catering are all available. You can get in touch with them using the information provided below.

Food Center Contact Detail

WebsiteFood Centre

Contact Number: (+92-21) 111-000-606, (+92-21) 3262 6761-65


Burns Road Street Food: Karachi Haleem Restuarant 

Karachi haleem burns road food street

Karachi’s Haleem Restaurant is in Pak Mansion. It is an excellent choice for traditional cuisine at a reasonable price. It serves food in a very relaxed and relaxing atmosphere. This is because it is airy, attractively decorated, and has comfortable seats.

Some like to eat their Haleem with a spoon, but only the veterans know how powerful Nan-Haleem together is. Karachi Haleem Restaurant has a diverse menu. This includes delicious Chicken/Beef/Mutton Haleem and Biryani. They additionally serve rice with Raita, and Desserts such as Kheer and Zarda.

It has almost five branches in Karachi, providing delivery service and takeaway. You can avail of this service by calling them at their contact number or by using their official website.

Karachi Haleem Restuarant Contact Number

Website: Karachi Haleem

Facebook: Karachi Haleem

Contact Number: (021) 111 544 456

Café Lazeez

Café Lazeez

Tariq Mateen, the restaurant’s owner, opened Café Lazeez in 1970. Since then, it has become known for its traditional seasoning and cooking techniques. Café Lazeez’s Makhan-khattakat is widely regarded as the best food on Burns Road.

Their menu features a variety of delightful dishes. They specialize in Kata kat, Champ fries, Champ Magaz mix, Chicken Magaz mix. Additional specialties include Brain masala, Chicken sajji and Steam roast charga. They also serve chicken and mutton karahi.

Café Lazeez provides service to dine in, and its menu is also available on foodpanda. 

Contact Details

Facebook: Café Laziz

Contact Number: 0324 2579920

Burns Road Street Food: Waheed Kabab House

Waheed kabab house, burns road street food

Waheed Kabab House, Burns Road, is a highly-rated barbecue restaurant in Karachi. This restaurant on Burns Road is well-known for its traditional taste. Its menu is diverse and delicious.

The menu includes Fry Kebab, Dhaga Kebab. There are also various BBQ items such as Kheeri, Beef Boti, and Chicken Tikka. They also serve desi dishes such as korma and daal. What’s the best? Beef kabab fried in butter.

There is a friendly staff and a cozy atmosphere. They provide dine-in service with outdoor seating. You can also order by calling their phone or visiting their official website.

Contact Details

Website: br. Waheedkabab. pk

Facebook: Waheed Kabab

Contact Number: 0325 2244499

Agha Sajji

Agha sajji: Burns road street food

Agha Sajji is the actual name of traditional food, serving the best of Pakistani cuisine. You will undoubtedly enjoy having spicy and delicious fast food options. The authentic flavor of their masalas is to die for.

This restaurant’s specialty is Sajji, which comes in a variety of flavors. Its menu caters to all of your culinary desires. They serve a variety of meats on their menu. This includes chicken karahi, chicken steamed chargha, BBQ, chicken green, and white karahi.

You can place an order by calling them or downloading their mobile app. For more information, you can visit their Facebook page or official website.

Contact Details

Website: Agha Sajji Corner

Agha Sajji App: Agha Sajji Restuarant

Facebook: Agha Sajji and BBQ Corner

Contact Number: 0321 8378712

Burns Road Street Food: Delhi Rabri House

Delhi Rabri House

Delhi Rabbri House was set up on a microscopic scale by Haji Muhammad Ismail Delhvi (Late) in 1964. If you are an extreme sweet lover, you must visit this spot on Burns Road. Of course, no dinner on Burns Road is complete without this classic at the end.

Their menu is full of delicious milk-based items. Rabbri products include Rabbri milk, Pista Rabbri, Kheer, Rusmalai, and others. Seasonal items such as Gajar ka halwa and Panjeer are also available on the menu. There are also ice cream items of various flavors.

They take care of their customers by maintaining food hygiene. The cooks use the finest ingredients, most skilled labor, and cutting-edge blending techniques.

Delhi Rabbri House Contact Details

Website: Delhi Rabbri House

Facebook: Delhi Rabbri House

Contact Number: 0331 2547381        


Why is Burns Road called Burns Road?     

The name “Burns” was taken from the name of James Burnes. He was a Scottish doctor, and spy who worked in British India in the nineteenth century. People started establishing restaurants on this street in the 1940s. As a result, it is well-known for its street vendors.

What is the famous street food of Pakistan?  

The Burns Road food street is a well-known location for traditionally spicy foods. Bun kabab is the most famous street food. Still, there are also many other delicious options. For example, golgappy, Dahi Bhalla, Chole Bhature, aloo Tikki. In addition, you can eat Amritsari kulcha or machli, parathas, sarso da saag, or Makki di roti. Other street dishes include chicken tikka, lassi, and many more.

Which city has the best street food in Pakistan?

Karachi ranks first in Pakistan for having the best street food. One of them is Burns Road street food. The rivalry between Lahore’s and Karachi’s street food is well-known. However, Karachi stands out because of its unparalleled cuisine.


Burns Road street food is famous for its unrivaled tastes and management. Almost anything is available, including spices, fast food and sweet desserts. It has whatever you desire. Burns Roads restaurants are well-known for their food street culture. If you are in Karachi, you must visit this location. Leave a comment with your thoughts. We look forward to hearing from you!

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