Best Sushi in Lahore: Top 7 Picks

The celebrated Japanese Chef Nobuyuki “Nobu” Matsuhisa says, “The fine art of preparing sushi is to watch and learn.” For someone who likes healthy Japanese cuisine,  perhaps, the most exciting thing would be to enjoy the authentic sushi in your country, Pakistan. We have penned down this article for people like you to introduce you to the best places for sushi in Lahore.

Lahore is the second-largest city in Pakistan and the capital of the Punjab province. It is extremely famous for its rich historical background, culture, and literature. Among many other things, the city of literature is globally well known for its culinary diversity that includes the best high-tea in Lahore, Buffets, steaks, and more.  

Sushi is a delicate, tasty, and nutritious Japanese delicacy made with a perfect combination of rice and seafood. The vinegared rice in sushi is combined with seafood and vegetables. Seafood such as Tuna, Salmon, yellowtail, squid, eel is full of nutrients like OMEGA 3 fatty acids. There are vegetarian versions of sushi too. Sushi is garnished with pickled Daikon radish, pickled ginger and you can enjoy it with soy sauce and wasabi. In this article, we have jotted down the best Japanese restaurants that you can visit to enjoy authentic sushi in Lahore.

Sakura: Preparing Best Sushi in Lahore

best sushi at Sakura Restaurant

Photo of Sakura from Facebook

When it comes to authentic Japanese Food, Sakura tops our list. It is a luxurious restaurant with traditional Japanese-style dining and offers all sorts of Japanese delicacies.  The complete Sakura menu at PC hotels nationwide specifically includes a variety of sushi and sashimi. The restaurant is in Pearl Continental Hotel, Lahore.

The menu is as alluring as the venue is itself. It is full of Japanese delicacies and includes soups, appetizers, Tempuras, and main-course dishes. Their Sushi Platters (Moriawase) are full of delicious and mouth-watering Nigiri Sushi, California Rolls, Tuna Rolls, and Sashimi. You can also try their Nigiri and Sushi Rolls (Makimono) or divulge into the deliciousness of Teriyaki and Teppanyaki. Besides that, they offer Maki in numerous styles in their House Specials.

Furthermore, the impeccable ambiance and excellent services make this a must-go place. For instance, you can enjoy a live Teppanyaki counter while indulging in your mouth-watering food. So, if in Lahore, we recommend you visit this place and enjoy their sushi.

Sakura Contact Info


Address: Pearl Continental, Shara-e-Quaid-e-Azam (Mall), Lahore

Contact: (042) 36360210

Timing: 12:00pm-3:30pm, 7:30-pm

Best Sushi at Gai’a in Lahore

Vibrant Sushi rolls in Lahore

Photo of Gai’a from Facebook

Secon Up is Gai’’a Japanese Fusion Restaurant, with a focus on fine dining and great sushi. This is a fine sushi joint because they are staying true to natural, nutritious Japanese flavors. This attention to detail makes each of their sushi plates inviting and appealing. The upscale restaurant is in  DHA Phase V, Lahore.

The comprehensive menu at Gai’a is brimming with nutrients and flavor-rich Japanese dishes. You can try their Salmon and Tuna Nigiri or Seared Salmon within the price range of PKR 1100-5000. There is also a variety of Maki that you can try, like Spicy Salmon Maki, Volcano Maki, and more.  In addition to sushi, you can try their soups, appetizers, salads, and even Ceviche and Tataki.

The ambiance of the venue is very cozy, vibrant, and sophisticated. The lounge is set for 45 visitors and the main attraction sites are the live grill and Teppanyaki Bar. Gai’a also has a reservation option to provide exclusive services to their guest. Hence, we believe that it is one sushi place in Lahore that you can not skip.

Gai’a Contact Info


Address: 142 CCA, DHA Phase V

Contact:  0300 0453737

Timing: 1:00pm-11:45pm

Best Sushi at Fujiyama Restaurant

colorful and vibrant sushi

Image of Fujiyama Restaurant from Facebook

Fujiyama is considered another best restaurant for authentic Japanese food in Lahore. With the combination of delicious seafood flavors and exceptional cooking skills, the place has earned its rightful place within the city. You can find the Japanese restaurant in the Avari Hotels in Lahore. 

You can try a variety of Japanese delicacies from their A la carte menu and there are also two live Teppanyaki counters to lighten up your day. The Fujiyama Maki and the Special Sushi Bar are filled with a variety of Nigiri, Sashimi delicacies to choose from. The prices are also between moderate to high, but they are on par with the premium quality food.

The bamboo and wood-styled interior with the backdrop of high floor-to-ceiling windows make the whole experience more alluring and enchanting. The delicate hot and cold Japanese dishes are served in exquisitely carved cutlery that is suitable for the food. Their services are also excellent, and you can contact them for an advance reservation or any further inquiry. Fine dining with a midnight blue pool in the background is magnificent and makes Fujiyama a must-go place for the best sushi in Lahore. 

Fujiyama Contact Info

Website: Fujiyama Restaurant 

Address: Avari Lahore, 87 Shahrah-e Quaid-e-Azam, Lahore 54000

Contact: (92-42) 3-6366366

Timing: Lunch 12:00pm- 3:30pm, Dinner 07:00pm- 11:00Pm

Best Sushi at Bamboo Union

Delicuious Sushi Platter

Photo of Bamboo Union from Facebook

Another Pan Asian Food Joint that you must try for the best sushi in Lahore is Bamboo Union. The restaurant made our list because they prepare a variety of Asian delicacies along with sushi. Another quality that makes their food unique is their aim to continually innovate and improve what they put on your plate. The restaurant has two branches: One in Gulberg III and another in DHA Lahore Cantt.

The Pan Asian Diner has a lot to offer when it comes to Japanese food. For instance, the Japanese menu has Maki, Sushi Rolls, Beef tataki, Crunchy Maki, Beef Noodles, and much more. You can either try their Nigiri, Sashimi in different styles or go for their Union Special Platter that will cost you PKR 3050, the choice is yours.

In terms of sushi and prices, this is definitely the best sushi place in Lahore. The venue has an ingenious interior that goes perfectly well with the exotic seafood flavors of Japanese food. So, if you want to try sushi in Lahore within a cost-effective range, then Bamboo Union might be the right place for you.

Bamboo Union Contact Info


Address: 95-B-D/1, Main Boulevard Gulberg III, Lahore.

Contact: 0301 8485574/5

Timing: Mon-Thu 12:30pm 11:30pm, Fri-Sat 12:30pm-12:30am, Sunday 12:30pm-12:00am

High-Quality Sushi at Wasabi in Lahore

tasty Japanese food

Photo of Wasabi from Facebook

Next on our list is the Wasabi restaurant that is offering the best sushi in Lahore. The sushi joint has two branches in Lahore: one in DHA and another in Gulberg. The restaurant aims to provide authentic, high-quality Japanese delicacies that will make you visit it multiple times.

Like other restaurants, they offer a standout menu but with moderate prices. Take a quick look and you will find all sorts of Maki, Nigiri, Sashimi, and Sushi Platters. Their wasabi Sushi Platter ( 15 PCS) will cost you a maximum of PKR 1700. Besides seafood-centered Japanese delicacies, they also have Katsu maki and Salad rolls for vegetarians. Lastly, you can also enjoy classical Teppanyaki, Noodles, Fried rice, Teriyaki, and Tempuras and have a wholesome Japanese cuisine experience.

The venue offers a warm and cozy ambiance with a beautiful interior. You can check their Facebook page for further information about services. Overall, the place is famous for offering delicious and good food at moderate prices.

Wasabi Contact Info


Address: MM Alam Rd, 98 Block B 1 Gulberg III, Lahore

Contact: 0322 3533322

timing: Mon-Thu 4:00pm-7:00pm

Kyoto: Best Sushi from Online Food-Hub

The Cali rolls

Image of Kyoto from Facebook

Kyoto is another authentic Japanese Food-based outlet that offers the best sushi in Lahore. It is an online Japanese food Hub that aims to bring food to your doorstep. You can go to Bohat Aala restaurant and order food during exclusive timing. They are offering a variety of sushi delicacies and aim to live up to their customers’ expectations.

The online menu has tasty and nutritious sushi of all kinds that you can choose from. They are offering Maki, Nigiri, and Sashimi individually within the price range of  PKR 900-1600. You can also try their Sushi Canape, Burrito, and traditional or special sushi rolls. Lastly, they have many Sushi Platter varieties with the starting price of  PKR 4000.

Therefore, check out the food in Kyoto if you don’t feel like dining outside. You can also check their Instagram page for further insight on their food quality and presentation. As they are promising to offer authentic Asian food at your doorstep, we believe that you can give them a

Kyoto Contact Info



Contact:  03-111-152-252

timing: 3 PM to 12 AM

Delicious Sushi at Sumo Restaurant

Salmon sushi rolls.

Image of Sumo from Facebook

Next up on our list is the Sumo restaurant that is offering Japanese food with a contemporary twist. The sushi joint also has two branches in Lahore: One in Gulberg and another in DHA. From the Live Sushi bar to Teppanyaki cooking station, the place has everything that you can ask for in a Japanese food outlet.

Similar to previously mentioned Japanese-cuisine-centered food outlets, the menu at sumo is also offering a variety of Nigiri, Sashimi, and Maki rolls. Their Sashimi and Nigiri Platters cost you a maximum of PKR 4400.  You can try their delicious crunchy Maki rolls or the nutritious Salmon Sashimi. The food outlet is bringing authentic natural Japanese cuisine right to your city. 

Besides tasty and appetizing food, services at Sumo are impeccable and the interior is very stylish. With soft lighting and a cozy dining area, the restaurant is perfect for dine-in with your family and friends. Lastly, their services also include takeaway, reservation, and delivery options that you can choose from.

Sumo Contact Info


Address: 57 – L, Gulberg 2, Lahore

Contact: (042) 36407042

Timing: Lunch: 1:00-4:00opm, Dinner: 7:00pm-12:00am

To summarise

We have reviewed and jotted down the best sushi places in Lahore that you can visit and satisfy your Japanese food gastronome. If you have any recommendations then share them with us in the comment section below.

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