Best Sushi in Islamabad: Top 5 Places

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Sushi is the plate of happiness for one who likes to consume fresh and nutritious seafood. It is the perfect combination of rice and fish, a delicacy from the Land of Rising Sun, Japan. But you don’t need to go to Japan to experience the authentic flavors, as you can also enjoy the best sushi in Islamabad, Pakistan. 

Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan, houses many landmark tourist sights and eateries with authentic flavors from East to West. Situated near Margalla hills, the town attracts many local and international travelers each year. Besides enjoying Hi-Tea, you can also try oriental flavors of sushi in Islamabad at various restaurants.

Sushi is a perfect combination of rice and fish, laden with nutritious and fresh ingredients. You can enjoy this mouthwatering Japanese delicacy with a variety of sauces. This article lists the best places for sushi in Islamabad to help you enjoy authentic Japanese flavors in Islamabad. 

Tasty Sushi at Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Mouth-watering sushi with Wasabi

Image of Sakura Japanese Restaurant from Google

Sakura restaurant tops our list for experiencing the best sushi in Islamabad. The place offers fine dining with authentic Japanese food. It is in Marriots Hotel on Agha Khan Road, Islamabad.

The menu showcases authentic and exquisite Japanese delicacies. The place is best known for sushi and offers Nigiri Sushi, Maki Sushi, Temaki Sushi, Makimono Sushi, and a House Special Sushi.  You can either enjoy crispy, caramelized, fried Maki sushi and sushi rolls or dive into mouth-watering Maguro and Red Snapper Sashimi. Moreover, you can enjoy Japanese cuisine-centered appetizers and mains to have a wholesome Pan-Asian Food Experience.

Furthermore, the venue provides magnificent in-door Japanese fine dining that temporarily takes you to the Land of Rising Sun. There is an exclusive sushi counter, and guests can also enjoy a live Teppanyaki table. Moreover, the staff is very cooperative and polite. You can also check out their elegantly composed authentic Japanese food-based menu here.  Hence, it is a must-go place for sushi in Islamabad.

Sakura Contact Info


Address: Marriot Hotel, Aga Khan Road, Shalimar 5، F-5, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Contact: (051) 2826121

Timing: Mon-Sat 12-3pm, 7-11pm, Sunday 7-11pm

Gai’a Japanese Fusion Restaurant Islamabad

Delicious Japanese Food in Islamabad

Photo of Gai’a Restaurant from Facebook

Another restaurant that is offering the best sushi in Islamabad with a contemporary twist is Gai’a Japanese Fusion Restaurant. The place made our list because its goal is to offer authentic sushi that is a perfect amalgam of high-quality ingredients and the right cooking techniques. The place has two branches: One is Lahore and another in Islamabad F6 Markaz.

The menu that Gai’a offers is alluring and full of Pan-Asian contemporary-styled dishes. Furthermore, it emphasizes food with quality ingredients but simple presentation. A glimpse of the menu reflects that it is full of Japanese-styled appetizers, soups, salads, and main-course dishes. The sushi section contains dishes of Nigiri, Sashimi, and Sushi Maki. You can enjoy Salmon and Tuna Sashimi within the price range of PKR 2650-5000. In Addition to Gia’a Maki, you can order spice, crunchy Tuna, and Salmon Maki as the menu has a lot to offer.

Furthermore, the venue is as captivating as their food is. For instance, the place is cozy with a warm and luxurious interior. From lightning to decoration, everything is perfect for a dine-in experience with your family, friends, and loved ones. Just like restaurants offering car dine-in Lahore, Gai’a eatery offers these services in Islamabad. So, check out their Instagram page, and whenever in Islamabad do give it a try.

Gai’a Contact Info


Address: Mount View Plaza F6-Markaz, Islamabad

Contact: 0300 0453636

Timing: 12:30-12:30pm, for car dine-in and takeaway 12:30-11:30pm

Tasty Sushi at Murasaki Japanese Cuisine

Enjoy tasty Sushi at Murasaki

Image of Murasaki Restaurant from Facebook

Murasaki is another Asian fusion restaurant that is providing the best sushi in Islamabad.  This place also made our list because it promises to offer authentic nutritious Japanese cuisine in the capital city. Here you can indulge in healthy and tasteful tempuras, sushi, and other Japanese delicacies cooked according to your liking. The restaurant is in Union Golf Plaza, F7 Markaz Islamabad.

The top restaurant in Islamabad for sushi offers a variety of Japanese delicacies in soups, salads, appetizers, and rice dishes. You can order different types of Maki Rolls (Makimono) within the price range of PKR 920-1550. Moreover, you can enjoy their Sushi Nigiri, Sushi Nigiri Platter (Moriawase), Sashimi, and Sashimi Platter (Moriawase). The price of their platter ranges between PKR 1860-4200. Their other 1K menu is perfect to satisfy your sushi cravings at lunchtime within a reasonable price range.

Besides delicious food, the staff is very friendly and the services are promised to give quality for your money. Due to exceptional food with premium services, that place has a respectful reputation in the capital city. The place also offers weekend deals and a special menu, unlike other Japanese fusion restaurants. So, if you are still

Murasaki Contact Info


Address:  2nd Floor, Union Gold Plaza, Block 19, College Rd, ICT, Islamabad, F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

Contact: 0324 5216600


Wild Rice Restaurant Islamabad

Tasty Sushi at Wild Rice Restaurant

Photo of sushi at Wild Rice Restaurant from Google

It is another restaurant to enjoy exotic and authentic Thai, Chinese and Japanese flavors in Islamabad. Besides other Pan-Asian dishes, the place offers the best Sushi in Islamabad. It is present in the lobby of the new Serena Hotel, G-5 sector.

Just like another Japanese fusion restaurant, this place offers a range of sushi delicacies with rich and delicious flavors. For instance, you can enjoy a variety of Crunchy, California, Prawn Tempura, Spicy Tuna, and Spicy-Soft Shell Crab Maki Rolls within the price range of PKR 1650-2150. Salmon and California Temaki and Handrolls are additional Japanese delicacies that you can enjoy. The restaurant also offers Assorted Nigiri Sushi and Assorted Sashimi Platter that is a must-try.

You can enjoy a delicious dine-in with your family and kids as well. It is because the restaurant offers various soups, salads, and a variety of kids’ favorite rice and noodles. You can enjoy unforgettable fine dining with live food stations and scenic views. You can also go to their website, to which the link is given below, and utilize their reservation services in advance

Wild Rice Restaurant Contact Info


Address: Khayaban-e-Suhrwardy, opposite Convention Centre, G-5/1 G-5, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Contact:  0346 5474985

Timing: 7:00pm-10pm

Best Sushi at Suki Sushi Islamabad

Tasty California Maki

Image of Suki Sushi from Facebook

Suki Sushi is another best place for sushi in Islamabad that you can try. They aim to provide authentic and high-quality Korean, Japanese, and Chinese food. Established in 2002, Suki Sushi is currently running two branches in Islamabad: one in F 10 Markaz and another in Diplomatic Enclave.

The diverse menu is full of Pan Asian cuisine-centered delicacies. Their most popular dishes include Mixed Sushi Platter, Salmon Cheese Maki, Rainbow Maki, Volcano Maki, Tempura Maki, California Maki, and Prawn Tempura. Besides that, the Sushi Special section includes various Nigiri, Sashimi, and Makimono delicacies that you can choose from. They also have sushi deals with a maximum price of PKR 4995.  In addition to sushi, you can enjoy their  Korean BBQ and Sichuan Hot Pot.

Furthermore, the place is always experimenting with ingredients to update its menu. Their services are also extremely great and they value visitors’ time and money. If not in the mood for dine-in, you can go for takeaway or car dine-in services. Suki Sushi is also among other restaurants offering outdoor dining in Islamabad.

Suki Sushi Contact Info


Address:  1) F-10 Markaz, Sagheer PlazaDiplomatic Enclave Branch: 2) 9D Decent Homes, G-5 Diplomatic Enclave,

Contact: 051-8441140

Timing: 12:00-10:30pm

To summarize

finding the right place to enjoy foreign but authentic flavors in your city is not an easy task. To assist you, we have discussed the best places for sushi in Islamabad for you to choose from. If you have any recommendations or find this article useful, do let us know in the comment section below.

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