Best Pizza in Lahore: Top 6 Spots

Who says money can’t buy happiness when you are going to get Pizza. Well, the answer is yes. Pizza is central to Italian cuisine but it is equally loved by millions around the world. Whether on weekends, birthday parties, friends’ day-out, a single slice of Pizza simply makes each event special. If you have already been to top buffet spots in Lahore, it’s time to explore the place for the best pizza in Lahore.

Interestingly, pizza went through a series of upgrades through history itself. Earlier, Greeks and Egyptians liked to eat baked flatbread. But it was an Italian Chef Rafaelle Esposito who did his magic in 1889. He covered the crust with delicious marinara sauce, cheese, and tomatoes. And this brings forth our much-loved food item, Pizza, that we all love to crave.

In any gathering, if one opts for Burger King, another would definitely want to have freshly baked, thin Crust Pizza. Lahore is, by all means, an extremely cherished city of Pakistan for much-loved Desi food. The city also has a number of Pizza outlets that offer the best Pizza in Pakistan with your favorite toppings. Without any further ado, let’s see who is preparing the best Pizza in Lahore.

NY212: Preparing Superb Pizza in Lahore

Devilish Peri-Peri Pizza in Lahore

Photo of Ny212 from Facebook

First up on our List of best Pizza in Lahore is NY212. The food outlet is famous for offering tasty Pizza with a selection of toppings. It has multiple outlets with wonderful venues in Lahore. You can find NY212 restaurants in Gulberg, Johar Town, DHA phase 4, and one near the Eiffel tower replica in Lahore.

When it comes to the menu, NY212 prepares Pizza with both classical Desi toppings and New York Flavors. You can find various NY toppings deals within the price range of Rs 390 to Rs 2550. You can also find your favorite Pakistani Pizzas here like Chicken Fajita Pizza, Chicken Tikka Pizza, Chicken supreme Pizza among many more. Moreover, their NY special and Peri-Peri are definitely going to meet your pizza craving and make your day more exciting.

Furthermore, the restaurants are also built on a contemporary American style with a cool ambiance. The food chain is a perfect fusion of east and west in terms of styling and flavors. You must Dine at NY212 at least once, although they do have delivery and takeaway services too. So, it is one Pizza place in Lahore that you must try.

NY212 Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Address: 9M Johar Town, Near Khokhar chowk، Block M Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore.
  • Contact: (042) 111 169 212
  • Timing: 12pm-12am

Manhattan Bites Pizza in Lahore

Cheezious Pizza in Lahore

Image of Manhattan Bites from Facebook

Next up is Manhattan Bites, another spot offering the best quality Pizza in Pakistan. Life cannot get any better when you can relish Signature New York Pizza in your city. It also has multiple branches in Lahore that you can locate in Johar Town, DHA phase 4, and Bahria Town.

At the Manhattan Bites menu, you are given the choice to construct your own pizza from scratch. It means, from selecting the size to the sauce, meat, and veggies, every step of preparing Pizza is customizable. So, indulge yourself in preparing extra cheesy, meat-filled Pizza with mouthwatering toppings.

Besides building your pizza, you can try their Hot deal as well. A single deal can cost you around a maximum of Rs 2450. The place is offering the Yummiest food in town with delivery and takeaway services. The place has a nice dining area and the staff is cooperative too. Hence, do try out their freshly baked Pizza with quality ingredients and satisfy your pizza cravings.

Manhattan Bites Contact Details

  • Website: Manhattan Bites
  • Address: 21 Khayaban-e-Firdousi, Block R 2 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab
  • Contact: (042) 35955212
  • Timing: 12pm-12am

Fri-Chicks Preparing Tasty Pizza in Lahore

Tasty Pizza with fried Chicken in Lahore

Image of Fri-Chicks from Facebook

Another restaurant that made to our list preparing the best pizza in Lahore is Fri-Chickes. Established in 2003, it is among the best food chains in Pakistan. They believe in providing authentic and innovative flavors to meet customers’ expectations. The restaurant also has multiple outlets that you can visit in Lahore.

The happy meal with delicious Pizzas at Fri-Chicks is among the all-time favorite choices that their menu offers.  With a price tag of Rs 990, you can enjoy one medium size Pizza, two chicken pieces, and Coke. You can visit their Facebook page for further details on Menu.

The food outlet is definitely a heaven for those who only consume chicken meat. What’s more, the environment is great, and the staff is also very cooperative. You can also order food within a distance of 5Km. So, it is definitely one pizza place that you can visit with your friends and family to enjoy a scrumptious meal.

Fri-Chicks Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Address: Main Boulevard Gulberg, Main Market, Lahore, Punjab 54000
  • Contact: (042) 35750555
  • Timing: 10am-11:45pm

Eastern Oven: Superb Pizza Place in Lahore

Photo of Eastern Oven from Facebook

Another most popular Pizza place in Lahore is Eastern Oven. The food outlet is mainly famous for offering numerous monthly deals with a reasonable price range. It is present in the famous locality of Johar town in Lahore.

The menu at Eastern Oven is brimming with crusty pizzas with loaded toppings. especially, there are so many celebration deals to choose from. Here, you can find the top five Pizza toppings that include Chicken Fajita, Chicken Supreme, and more. Simply, eastern is one such place that is offering the tastiest pizzas at moderate prices that you must try.

Moreover, you can also order Eastern Oven food from Food panda or Cheetay Pakistan. Currently, there is only outdoor dining available under pandemic conditions. But you utilize their takeaway or delivery services. Well, you can always try their pizza a day and keep the sadness at bay.

Eastern Oven Contact Details

  • Website: Eastern Oven
  • Address: Civic Centre Block D 2 Phase 1 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab
  • Contact: 0343 4147805
  • Timing: 11am-2am

Delish Pizza Bar in Lahore

Photo of Delish Pizza Bar from Facebook

Next up is Delish Pizza Bar, a food chain famous for the crustiest pizzas in Lahore. They started out with a single outlet in 2014, and currently run multiple Pizza places. What makes their Pizza unique is the use of  100 percent fresh ingredients in each pizza that you order.

The Delish Pizza Bar menu is Pizza heaven for pizza lovers. From Pizzas with classical toppings to Deep Pan Pizza, Margherita Pizza, and vegetarian ones, the choices are numerous. You can get a large thin crust Pizza Prepared with fresh dough and delicious fresh tomatoes for Rs 2199. For further details, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram to which the link is given below.

Furthermore, the environment at the food outlet is also very nice and enjoyable. The bar-style restaurant with in-door and out-door dining is the perfect place for hangouts with your friends. If not in the mood for dine-in you can also deliver food or use takeaway services. We believe it is one Pizza place that you must try in Lahore.


Delish Pizza Contact Details

  • Website: Delish Pizza Bar
  • Address: st floor, 2-A, CB Plaza Girja Chowk, Lahore
  • Contact: 0311 1174992
  • Timing: Sun-Thu 1pm-1am, Fri-Sat 1pm-2am

Tasty Pizza at Pizza Junction

Photo of Pizza Junction from Facebook

The last food outlet that made it to our list of best pizza places in Lahore is Pizza Junction. Their ethos is to bake with passion and use quality and fresh ingredients in everything that they serve. The Pizza joint is very famous in Lahore and also has various outlets that you can visit.

The Pizza junction menu contains many options with enticing flavors that will surely tantalize your taste buds. It offers pizza with the most famous five toppings like Veggies delight, Chicken Tikka, Chicken Fajita, Cheese rain, and Peri-peri Pizza. Besides, Pizza you can also try their Crispy fries, juicy burger, and more.

The restaurant also has a comfortable ambiance with friendly services. At Pizza junction, you can also get free food delivery for orders of Rs 1000 within the range of 5Km.  If you are not sure where to go for pizza in Lahore, Pizza Junction might be what you were looking for.

Pizza Junction Contact Details

  • Website: Pizza Junction
  • Address: D Block Block D Valencia, Lahore, Punjab
  • Contact: 0309 2220066
  • Timing: 11am-102:30am

To summarize

There is no better feeling than enjoying a warm slice of cheesy Pizza, particularly when you are craving one. To help you find the right place for Pizza in Lahore, we have penned down this Article. If you find it useful or have any recommendations, let us know in the comment section below.

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