Best Pakistani Restaurants In Manchester!

Best Pakistani Restaurants In Manchester!

Indeed, there is a large number of restaurants offering Pakistani food not only in Manchester but throughout the world. Probably, this makes it hard to decide where to go. So, we have picked some of the best Pakistani restaurants in Manchester for you. These places provide a superb dining experience and traditional Pakistani foods.

Manchester is a rich boiling pot of food world. Also many restaurants in Manchester offer delicious Pakistani foods. Rather than getting a Pakistani food takeaway, visit one of these restaurants. As they provide more than simply fantastic food. These restaurants understand the importance of their ambiance, décor, and food.

Here is a list of the best Pakistani restaurants that serve delectable Pakistani foods and desserts. In addition to a glamorous dining experience.

MyLahore Restaurant

MyLahore Restaurant

MyLahore has its origins in Yorkshire. Shakoor Ahmed and Asghar Ali, two cousins, founded it in 2002 with the help of friends and family. They’ve been known for serving a distinct blend of British and Asian flavors for over a decade.

MyLahore is becoming popular due to its excellent customer service. Furthermore, MyLahore’s menu includes global flavors, lighter bites, flame grills, and more. However, we recommend the Samosa Chaat & Mango Lassi, which is delectable. Are you familiar with Samosa Chaat and Lassi?

Lassi’s Pakistani equivalent is buttermilk. But, it is a yogurt-based drink in the Indian subcontinent. On the other hand, samosa Chaat is a Pakistani vegetarian dish made up of deep-fried savory pastries filled with potatoes and peas.

They’re served on top of chana masala, a creamy, spiced chickpea curry from Pakistan. It has provided excellent service since its inception, and its strong point is its food.

Moreover, they have opened restaurants in Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester, and Leeds. Certainly, MyLahore is a must-see if you’re in Manchester. The Great Western Street (Stop K) Bus Stop is only a few minutes away.

MyLahore Contact details 


Address: 14 – 18 Wilmslow Rd, M14 5TQ 

Phone: 01612 488 887 

Sanam Sweethouse and Restaurant

Sanam SweetHoses and Restaurants

In a Desi setting, they serve traditional Pakistani cuisine of the highest quality. There are also modern delights available. Sanam Sweethouse and Restaurant accommodate Large gatherings, events, and birthday parties. However, the restaurant specialties include Tandoori dishes, fresh mixed kebabs, tantalizing curries, and Sanam signature dishes.

Additionally, many customers are pleased with the Lamb Karahi and Lamb Chops. If you look at the menu, the non-vegetarian starter’s price is under £8.70, while the vegetarian starter is under £5.50.

The Sanam and Chef’s signatures have competitive prices that start from £8.50, and the highest price goes to £12.90. Also, they have a large cake and mithai counter brimming with vibrant Chum Chums, delectable Jalebis, Barfis, Ras Goola, and a variety of other sweets.

In short, if you are in Manchester, you must visit this restaurant, it’s a two-minute walk from Rusholme Centre (Stop F).

Sanam SweetHoses and Restaurant Contact details 


Address: 145-151 Wilmslow Road, Rusholme, Manchester M14 5AW

Phone: 0161 224 1008/8824

Shere Khan Restaurant 

Shere Khan Restaurant 

Shere Khan possesses all the qualifications required for one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Manchester. It quickly became a globally recognized brand in retail, culinary services, and fast food after its beginnings in 1987. Shere Khan sells its condiments, sauces, and eating ventures through a variety of retail outlets.

However, they do use only the best halal meat cuts, fresh vegetables, and carefully selected herbs and spices. All of their bread is baked fresh on-site to ensure that the food consistently meets the expectations of their customers. Also, their chefs are all trained to the highest culinary standards and are passionate about authentic Pakistani cuisine.

Their menu includes Chicken Tikka, Lamb Chops, Biryani, and other dishes.

However, the Rusholme location is proud of its reputation for excellent cuisine in a modern ambiance.

Shere Khan Restaurant Contact details 


Address: 50-52 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M14 5TQ

Phone: 0161 256 2624

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Nayaab Buffet Restaurant 

Nayaab Buffet Restaurant 

Nayaab Buffet Restaurant is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Manchester. It combines traditional cuisine with a modern dining experience. They offer buffets, Burgers, steaks, special sizzlers, Lahori karahi, nihari, Desi, vegetarian, and other dishes.

You will get traditional food and a fantastic dining experience with excellent customer service. The appetizers and desserts are to live for.

Moreover, the atmosphere is stunning, with new interiors that are friendly and welcoming. Also, the staff is cooperating.  In short, look no further if you’re looking for a satisfying meal in Manchester.

Nayaab Buffet Restaurant Contact Details


Address: Nayaab Restaurant, 5-7 Wilbraham Road Manchester M14 6JZ

Phone: 0161 224 2443

Safire Restaurant and Grill 

Safire Restaurant and Grill 

Safire Restaurant and Grill is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in Manchester. It is a few minutes away from the city center. It claims to provide the best and most unforgettable experience while enjoying the food.

The restaurant introduces a new classic and modern menu. It is meant to reflect an ethos of innovation and creativity in one of the most beautiful dining rooms.

Safire restaurant and grill created exceptional and personalized menus using authentic traditional recipes. All in the name of pushing the boundaries of modern dining.

They serve traditional and contemporary cuisine such as burgers, steaks, grilled platters, and traditional curries. Sweets, milkshakes, and refreshing mocktails are also available.

Safire Restaurant and Grill Contact details 


Address: 275a Upper Brook Street, Manchester, M13 0HR

Phone: 0161 248 4848

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Abaseen is another best Pakistani restaurant in Manchester. It is capable of providing an exceptional experience in dining and cuisine. 

This restaurant specializesd in traditional food. In fact, Karahi and Chapli Kebabs of this place will make you feel at home. Moreover, they offer the Peshawari chapli kebab, fish, tandoori lamb chops, Peshawari chicken karahi, and more. 

Abaseen Restaurant Contact details 


Address:  999 Stockport Rd, Manchester M19 2SY

Phone: 0161 442 0900

Lahori Karahi Manchester

Lahori Karahi Manchester

Manchester’s best Pakistani restaurants list includes Lahori Karahi. It is located in the city’s heart. It serves the most delicious traditional Pakistani cuisine.

Also, there is a range of options in the Lahori Karahi Menu. It includes Deghi Charga, Lamb, Chicken Chili Karahi, and others.

The main course which includes a kilo of bone-in lamb karahi served with steaming hot tandoori rotis and fresh salad is the most popular.

Furthermore, Hareesa, Haleem, Paya, Nihari, Chinioti Kunna Gosht, and other traditional items are available on the menu. You will also enjoy the restaurant’s atmosphere and customer service when you visit.

Lahori Karahi Contact Details

Address: 824 Stockport Rd, Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3AW

Phone: 0161 249 3919


Indeed, it can be difficult to decide where to find the best Pakistani cuisine in Manchester on weekends. So, we’ve compiled a list of the best Pakistani restaurants for your convenience. Some of the restaurants on this list serve traditional fare, while others offer a fusion of Asian and Western cuisine. Best wishes!

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