Best Naran Hotels You Need To Checkout This Season (2022)

Naran Hotel

In summers, everyone prefers to visit a pleasant and cold place. Naran is the gateway to all the northern areas this is a place where most of the travelers stop. This is why you can find a lot of options for hotels to stay in. Some of the best Naran hotels are going to be mentioned in this article.

If you are traveling from Islamabad or Rawalpindi, you can take the M1 motorway to Mansehra. The highway is built recently and is in extremely good condition. It makes the trip very efficient and comfortable. After exiting the motorway, the roads get rough and congested till new Balakot.

From Balakot onwards, till Kaghan the road conditions are fair. Not very bad or good but as soon as you enter the area of construction near Naran, it gets difficult. So, keep in mind that it takes a little more time than the Google map would show.

Tourists often plan out for staying at Naran hotels only as it can be the best option for short trips. While for longer trips, it is the first stop where people take a stay for one night and then the next day they travel ahead. In short, Naran is the city visited most by tourists.

Here are some of the considerable options for the best Naran hotels where you can stop by. These hotels are not very expensive nor very affordable. But, provide good service at the same time. If a comfortable night’s stay is your priority, the hotels mentioned below will be suitable as they provide maximum facilities that are easily available in Naran valley.

Mount Feast Hotel Naran

Naran Mount Feast Hotel
Photo by Mount Feast Hotel

Mount Feast can be considered one of the Naran hotels, has opened its doors recently, and is located on Mansehra-Naran-Jalkhand Road. The hotel is located a kilometer away from the main bazaar unlike most of the other hotels that are in between the busy area of Naran. This location has two advantages.

First, it is located near Naran bazaar so finding a place for dinner or shopping is very easy. Secondly, you get to stay away from very crowded and noisy areas.

Other than that, Mount Feast hotel is designed in a way to give its customers a beautiful view of Naran Valley and Kunhar River. Strategically, the location is the reason for the fully packed hotel on weekends especially.

The Mount Feast hotel has a beautiful exterior and interior look, The structure is attractive especially when lit at night. Once you enter the hotel, a fresh bright vibe gives a refreshing feeling.

As it is still new, the rooms are very well designed and maintained. Comfortable beds with warm winter blankets make the stay easy as the temperature drops at night.

The area still does not have electricity or gas but the hotel has somehow managed to provide hot water at all times. Whereas, the hotel runs on a generator to provide you with the facility of electricity.

The hotel offers a room service which is available most of the time. Moreover, they have a Breakfast, Chinese and Pakistani menu that can be availed in the room as well as in their dining room.

Photo by Roaming Pakistan

Types of Rooms at Mount Feast

Coming to the rooms of the hotel, there are different types that you can book. The Master bedroom itself is of two types and differ in price per night based on the facility of balcony and view.

The rate per night for a master bedroom starts from Rs 9000 and goes up to Rs 11000. There are executive and triplet bedrooms as well that have higher rates based on the number of guests and size of the room.

Everything inside their rooms is very well organized and maintained. They offer nothing less than a five-star hotel.

Room at Hotel Mount Feast
Photo by Mount Feast Hotel
Room TypeCharges Per Night
Master Bedroom11000
Executive Room12500
Deluxe Room9000

Rooms at Mount Feast Hotel Naran

Photo by Roaming Pakistan

Contact Details Mount Feast Hotel


Address: N15 mansehra Naran road, Naran 

Contact Number: +923448571137

Per Night Rate: Starting from Rs 9000/night

Millennium Inn Hotel

Photo by Roaming Pakistan

One of the best Naran hotels, located in Naran bazaar is the Millennium Inn hotel that opened up in 2015. The hotel provides a wide range of facilities that you would look for a comfortable trip.

Right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Naran, you can enjoy the restaurants nearby and all the shops selling traditional items of the locality.

The famous jheel Saif ul Malook is just at a distance of 10 kilometers from this hotel. Visiting Saif ul Malook can be the most memorable one-day activity if you plan to visit Naran.

The building of Millennium Inn hotel is of reasonable size with four floors. There are around 120 rooms, still, they are fully booked in the peak seasons. The hotel provides royal facilities including a parking area of almost 100 cars at a time.

If you have Naran, you must be aware of the parking issues near hotels so this is a big luxury. Moreover, you can enjoy free wifi which is again rare as most of the networks do not work in Naran and its surrounding areas.

Millennium Inn Hotel Naran offers a complimentary breakfast in every room. There is a dining hall on the ground floor and rooftop where you can enjoy complimentary breakfast or any other meal as the restaurant offers a multi-cuisine menu. 

Naran Hotel Millennium inn
Photo by Millennium Hotel Naran on Facebook

Types of Rooms at Millennium Hotel Naran

The Millennium Hotel offers a variety of rooms according to the visitor’s needs and requirements. There are rooms available for two guests and also for big family trips.

The charges per night thus depend on the type of room you book starting from Rs13000. The hotels offer a master bedroom that can have 2 guests.

Then there is a triplet room with a master bed and a single bed. The four-bedroom offers 2 master beds and it can be booked for 2 adults and 2 children.

Then comes the Family suite that has six beds. All the rooms have a complimentary breakfast with each night’s stay.

If you plan to visit Naran and want to stay at The Millennium Hotel, make sure you book your rooms on time as the hotels are completely booked at the moment. And in the coming days, the availability will get even more difficult because of the peak season. 

room at Millennium inn hotel
Photo by Millennium Hotel Naran on Facebook
Room TypeCharges Per Night
Master Bedroom13000
Triplet Bedroom15000
Quad Bedroom17000
Family Suite35000

Contact Details Millennium Inn Naran


Address: Near PTDC, Main Bazar, Naran. Pakistan

Contact Number: 0321 9111804

Per Night Rate: Starting from Rs 13000/night

Markhor Inn Hotel

Naran Hotel
Photo by Markhor Inn Hotel on Facebook

The hotel Markhor Inn is another option in one of the best Naran hotels is located at the end of the main Naran Bazar. This newly opened hotel has a clean and refreshing environment to offer which is built a little away from the busy street.

This street has many hotels and restaurants which is why cars and people are passing by all the time. This hotel, however, is kind of secluded so if you are looking for a much more quiet place to stay then Markhor Inn could be a wonderful option.

The Kunhar River rushing near the hotel gives your room an eye-opening view that soothes you and gives a good break from your busy lifestyle.

Looking at the facilities, the hotel provides free wifi, a good area for parking, and 24/7 hot water. All three of these services are the most essential ones. Moreover, they put a great emphasis on cleanliness.

The rooms are bright and spacious with wooden furniture which makes the design according to the latest trends. The rooms are of different sizes.

Based on your requirement and the number of guests, you can book their rooms accordingly. Within a room, you can enjoy LED, generator facility, warm water, and much much more.

If you haven’t visited Naran yet, then this is the right time because the weather is very pleasant, the roads are open and you got amazing Naran Hotels option to stay at like Markor Inn.

Photo by Markhor Inn Hotel on Facebook

Types of Rooms at Markhor Inn Hotel Naran

Hotel Markor Inn provides different types of rooms. You can book them for two people on full family trips as they can offer good prices and even discounts for you.

They offer a master bedroom that can accommodate 2 adults and 2 adults with 1 child. Then there is a triplet room with a master bed and a single bed. Lastly, the quartet has two double beds for a complete family trip.

You can book more than one room if the number of guests can’t fit any of the above sizes. The starting price for a room per night is Rs 9800 with a complimentary breakfast.

Rooms at naran hotel
Photo by Markhor Inn Hotel on Facebook
Room TypeCharges Per Night
Deluxe Master Bedroom9800
Deluxe Three Bed11900
Four Bed13900

Contact Details Markhor Inn Naran


Address: the Millenium hotel, N-15 Main Bazar Naran

Contact Number: 0345 9690919

Per Night Rate: 9800

Roomy Top Resort Batakundi

Roomy Naran
Photo by Roomy Hotel and Resorts on Facebook

You must have heard about Roomy that has recently got into the competition of luxury hotels. They have their presence in Islamabad, Murree, Naran, and Hunza.

With their top-notch service, people have been booking them not just for staying but for other purposes as well like fashion shoots, etc. Currently, they are one of the best Naran hotels and even in other tourists destinations.

Their aim is to change the way you travel by providing rooms that are aesthetically pleasing design.

Their rooms have branded amenities at a good price. If you want to go to the Northern areas of Pakistan, the first stay could be at Roomy Top Resort that is in Batakundi, close to Naran.

Batakundi is almost 14 kilometers away from the main Naran Bazar so you can easily come and go for outdoor dining and shopping. Near Roomy Top Resort you can find multiple options to go.

There is a stunning lake Saif ul Malook that you can reach through special jeeps. Then if you go ahead of the resort there is Lulusar Lake. Along with its scenic beauty, you can enjoy water sports like rafting and boating.

french toast
Photo by Roomy Hotel and Resorts on Facebook

So, there is so much to see and be amazed at because the view itself will blow you away. The design and decor of the resort are just going to wow you. Everything adds up to an unforgettable experience.

With each room, you also get to enjoy a complimentary breakfast. For checking availability, they have an application from where you can get all the information regarding services and their charges.

Types of Rooms at Roomy Top Resort Batakundi

There are two options for you while booking at Roomy. You can either opt for a standard 4 walls room or can even go for their huts which are just amazing. They give you a vibe of camping but are much safer at the same time.

There are multiple options available while booking a room with Roomy at Batakundi. They have a standard box room for 2 adults. There there is a hut type called Yurt which is again for two adults.

In standard rooms, there are two options, one for two guests and another for 4 guests. Each room has a bath attached to it. So the charges are starting from Rs 11880 per night. 

Roomy naran
Photo by Roomy Hotel and Resorts on Facebook
Room TypeCharges Per Night
Standard Master Bedroom11880
Yurt Hut14040
Standard Double Bedroom14040
Family Suite16200

Rooms at Roomy Top Resort Naran

Contact Details Roomy Top Resort


Address: Batakundi-Babusar, Road, Batakundi, Mansehra 

Contact Number: 0311 1444100

Per Night Rate: Rs 118800/night

Hotel De Manchi Naran

Hotel demanchi naran
Photo by De Manchi Hotel Naran

Naran is the first point where tourists would usually like to stay as either their final destination or as a rest for the night and then travel again the next day.

This is why you get a lot of options for staying in hotels and resorts on different budgets. This street in Naran which is called the main Bazar is the busiest of all the surrounding areas.

Most of the hotels and restaurants can be found on this road, One of these hotels is Hotel Demanchi, a 3-star hotel in Naran. They have a hotel in Balakot as well.

The best thing about this hotel is that it has a large parking area despite the congested space around the hotel. It offers all the luxurious facilities one can ask for with international standards to make your trip like never before.

Photo by Roaming Pakistan

With various types of rooms available, the hotel also provides free Wifi, Coffee Shop, Meeting rooms, a conference hall, 3 restaurants and so much more. There is an availability of a doctor on call as well.

Also, the most difficult thing to find in any of these hotels is a heater. It gets very difficult to stay without one so Demanchi is providing a heater in each room for its customers.

Hotel Demanchi is not just a hotel but also a travel company providing tour various tour packages. Based on the number of days, you can select a package that would cost you on the basis of room sharing.

These packages include night stay, breakfast, and travel expenses from one spot to another such as for coaches and jeeps. The tour packages are well planned and have outlined all the activities day-wise. So, you can take a deeper look at what they can offer in their Tour Packages.

Types of Rooms at Hotel Demanchi Naran

Before planning your stay at Hotel Demanchi you need to consider their terms and conditions. If you wish to stay here, you need to reserve rooms 20 days before the date of arrival.

Payment has to be made in advance and within these 20 days. On booking cancellation, you will be charged 30%, 50%, and 100% if canceled before more than 72 hours, within 24-72 hours, and less than 24 hours respectively.

There are three types of rooms available including the standard master bedroom, executive master bedroom, and executive family bedroom. The charges per night are starting from Rs 9000 + tax per night. You can check out their off-season and peak season rates as well.

Room TypeCharges Per Night
Executive Family Bed Room13000 + tax
Executive Master Bed Room11000 + tax
Standard Master Bed Room9000 + tax

Rooms at Hotel Demanchi Naran

Contact Details Hotel De Manchi Naran


Address: Mansehra – Naran – Jalkhad – Chilas Rd, Naran

Contact Number: 0300 9785613

Per Night Rate: Starting from Rs 3600 + tax/night

Saif ul Malook Hotel & Restaurant

saif ul malook hotel
Photo by Saif ul Malook Hotel and Restaurant on Facebook

Another option for staying in Naran hotels cold be the Saif ul Malook Hotel and Restaurant. The hotel offers a two-story building for rooms and has a restaurant for the public as well.

It is located at the end of a Bypass road in Naran Bazaar. From here people usually take jeeps that can take them to the heaven of Lake Saif ul Malook. Hence the name of this hotel.

The wooden look of the hotel attracts many tourists. The rooms are not very luxurious but are at reasonable prices. They do not offer high-end facilities but if you want to make the trip on a less budget then Saif ul Malook Hotel is a good option.

The restaurant itself is running all the time as the general public, who are not staying at the hotel, can also sit for a meal. Their food is super delicious when compared tot he most of the options available in Naran The crowd loves this place for dinner especially and you will see hustle and bustle here even at late hours.

If you plan to visit just the restaurant, do try their chicken Karahi as it is so flavorsome. They have a huge menu serving Pakistani and Chinese cuisine but people recommend having desi food here. Especially Sajji (Chicken on a grill with skin on) as it is the specialty of this place.

chicken karahi
Photo by Roaming Pakistan

Coming to their rooms facility, all of their rooms are fully equipped. You can enjoy various facilities such as secured parking, water supply, electricity, and wifi.

All the rooms have up-to-date comfortable furniture and attached bathrooms. So, you can enjoy your stay at Saif ul Malook hotel. 

Types of Rooms at Saif ul Malook Hotel

The hotel offers three different types of rooms depending upon the number of guests. There are master bedrooms for 2, 3, and 6 guests in one room and the charges per night are starting from Rs 5000/night. All the rooms are with the facilities mentioned above.

Photo by Saif ul Malook Hotel and Restaurant on Facebook
Room TypeCharges Per Night
Master Bedroom5000
5 Person Bedroom7000
Quad Bedroom9000

Contact Details Saif ul Malook Hotel Naran


Address: Saif ul Malook Chowk Main Bazar, Naran 

Contact Number: 0315 3121792

Per Night Rate: Starting from Rs 5000/ night

Pine Top Hotel Naran

Pine top hotel
Photo by Pine Top Hotel on Facebook

Pine top Hotels are offering their services at all the famous tourist spots to make the trip memorable. You can find one of their hotels in Naran, Batakundi, Balakot, and Islamabad.

It was previously known as STC Hotel. Pine Top Hotel is one of the finest places to stay with the luxurious facilities offered at international standards. Thi hotel was started in 2004 with the aim to build something up to the mark of the latest designs.

The light carved wooden furniture has tempted people to stay at the hotel. Not just the rooms are spacious, they also have a coffee shop and seminars for workshops and business meetings.

Pine Top Hotel is located in a prime location in the main Bazar of Naran. With lots of options for eating out at restaurants and shops for traditional items, people prefer to stay at a lively place.

Not just the location gives you a scenic beauty of snowcapped mountains but you can also witness it through room windows. For this view, people are willing to pay extra money however, Pine Top Hotel won’t charge you for that.

Other than rooms, you can find Handicraft Kiosk, Kids area, and Snooker room which makes the stay full of fun. Adding to these exciting things, Pine Top Hotel in Naran organizes BBQ and musical evenings, movie nights, Bonfire and so much more.

If all his can sound exciting then how would it be while actually experiencing it all? The rooms are fully furnished and equipped with free wifi, LCD/LED, and attached bathrooms. You can also get 24/7 room service.

Other than that, the hotel provides the facility of electricity backed by a generator.

Types of Rooms at Pine Top Hotel Naran

The hotel offers a variety of rooms that you can choose from based on your requirements. Each type has its own charges per night. The hotel has standard rooms, deluxe and family rooms. Their charges per night are mentioned below in the table;

Naran Hotel
Photo by Pine Top Hotel on Facebook
Room TypeCharges Per Night
Standard Room7000
Deluxe Room10000
Family Room12500

Pine top hotel Naran Rooms

Contact Details Pine Top Hotel


Address: Main Bazar، Naran, Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Contact Number: 0333 5136062

Per Night Rate: Starting from Rs 7000/night

Arcadian Riverside Hotel

snowfall in naran
Photo by Arcadian Hotel on Facebook

Every year the number of tourists increases in Naran and to accommodate all of them there are new hotels opening now and then. As a result, the main areas are congested and very few of the hotels can actually provide an uninterrupted view of mountains and rivers.

To avoid this problem, visitors prefer staying at a place that is a little secluded and out of the busy areas.

Arcadian Riverside is one of the boutique resorts that you can book for staying at a calmer place in Naran enjoying the tranquillity of nature. The team is not just catering for its customers in Naran but also at other famous tourist areas in North Pakistan.

They are located in Shigran, Kaghan valley, and other places too however, Arcadian Peridot was the first one, still managed to impress its customers.

The Hotel offers a fine dining experience at their restaurant called Silver Ibex that provides a wide variety of culinary cuisines including Chinese, Italian, and much more.

You can also avail their corporate and business packages. With their conference halls, you can arrange business meetings and corporate events. It’s a great gateway to have a formal meeting with foreign business partners or teams.

Photo by Arcadian Hotel on Facebook

Whereas, while staying at Arcadian Peridot Hotel, you get to enjoy luxurious facilities including Wifi access, laundry and pressing service, room service, restaurant, and evening bonfires. All of this can be enjoyed while your stay at Arcadian.

Types of Rooms at Arcadian Hotels And Resorts 

Taking a look at the rooms they offer, they have three standard rooms, eight twin/luxury bedrooms, two deluxe family suites, and one big luxury family suite.

With some of the rooms, you can enjoy a private balcony, LCD, while all of them have attached bathrooms. The charges vary depending on the facilities being offered and the size of the room. Taking a look at the prices down below;

Naran Hotel
Photo by Arcadian Hotel on Facebook
Room TypeCharges Per Night
Standard Twin / Double Room
1 bedroom with two single beds or one double bed and attached bath
Deluxe Twin/Double Room
1 bedroom with two single beds or one double bed, attached bath and small balcony. Attached LCD. Heating system available in Autumn/Winter
Luxury Twin/Double Room
1 bedroom with two single beds or one double bed and attached bath. LCD available in room. Heating system available in Autumn/Winter – September 1 to November 30
Superior Double Room
1 large bedroom with double bed and sitting area, attached bath and balcony. LCD available in room. Heating system available in Autumn/Winter – September 1 to November 30
Deluxe Family Suite
2 bedrooms – 1 large bedroom and 1 small bedroom, each with double bed, shared bath and balcony. LCD available in room. Heating system available in Autumn/Winter – September 1 to November 30
Luxury Family Suite
2 bedrooms – 1 large bedroom with double bed and lounge area, 1 small bedroom with two single beds, shared bath and balcony. Attached LCD. Heating system available in September 1 to November 30
Extra Mattress1500

Contact Details


Address: Lake Sauf-ul-Maluk Road, Jheel Road, Katha, Naran, Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Contact Number: (051) 8436970

Per Night Rate: Starting from Rs 7500 per night

Kunhar River
Photo by Roaming Pakistan

You have seen a big list of all the hotel options available within Naran City and in the secluded surrounding areas. Reaching Naran is not a problem. Road conditions are good.

Half of the journey is through M1 which is extremely smooth however half of it will be a little uncomfortable because of heavy snowfall and land sliding in the last weeks.

However, the heavy machinery is working all the time to clear roads for the tourists. Once you reach the place, you will forget all the hustle.

The scenic beauty of mountains, lush green grasslands, and the Kunhar River running throughout the trip will make you feel like in heaven.

Even the hotels will make sure that you have a nice and comfortable stay so plant out your vacation now as this is really the best time to visit the Northern Areas of Pakistan.

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