Best Iftar and Sehri Deals in Karachi 2023

The city of Karachi is known for its diverse and mouth-watering food culture, especially during the month of Ramzan. With the holy month just around the corner, it’s time to explore the best sehri and aftari deals in Karachi. From local street food vendors to high-end restaurants, Karachi offers various options to cater to every taste and budget. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick sehri bite or an elaborate aftari spread, you can find plenty of deals and discounts. This article will guide you through the best Ramzan deals in Karachi restaurants and highlight the top places to avail of the best sehri, and aftari deals this Ramzan season.

Best Sehri Deals in Karachi

With the start of Ramzan, Karachi is bustling with excitement and anticipation for the month-long fasting period. As the sun rises, fueling up with a hearty and delicious sehri meal is essential to keep up with the day’s fast. This article will highlight the best sehri deals in Karachi restaurants and explore the online options available to maximize the month’s offerings. From traditional breakfast options to fusion dishes, we’ve got you covered with the best Ramzan deals to satisfy your taste buds.

Best Sehri Buffet in Karachi – Clock Tower Restaurant

The Clock Tower Restaurant in Karachi is one of the city’s most popular dining destinations during Ramzan, offering one of the best sehri buffets. The restaurant’s elegant ambiance and attentive service provide a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience. 

The sehri buffet features a wide range of traditional and fusion dishes, perfect for fueling up before the day’s fast. Whether you’re in the mood for local or international cuisine, Clock Tower has got you covered with its extensive selection. Take advantage of this top-rated sehri buffet in Karachi.

Pan-Asian Sehri – Cocochan

Cocochan is a Pan-Asian restaurant in Karachi known for capturing Asia’s flavor and culture in its meals and atmosphere. During Ramzan, the restaurant offers a delectable sehri buffet with over ten dishes, including prawns, wings, soup, gravies, and rice. 

The buffet timings are 11 pm to 3 am, making it an ideal spot for a late-night meal. Try their delicious desserts and cocktail drinks to add to the overall experience of the best sehri deals in Karachi restaurants.

Multi-Cultural Sehri – La Terrasse Ramada

La Terrasse at Ramada Hotel Karachi is a multi-cultural restaurant that offers diverse cuisines, from Pakistani to Oriental to Continental to Chinese. This makes it an ideal spot for those who want to experience a mix of different flavors in their sehri meal. 

The restaurant’s elegant ambiance and spacious seating area provide the perfect environment to dine with friends and family. Don’t miss out on the sehri buffet at La Terrasse for an unforgettable multi-cultural culinary experience during Ramzan. It’s one of the best sehri deals in Karachi restaurants. 

Cheapest Sehri Deals in Karachi – Royal Taj

Royal Taj is a popular fine dining restaurant in Karachi known for its excellent customer service, beautiful ambiance, and delicious Pakistani and Indian cuisine. During Ramzan, the restaurant offers one of the cheapest sehri deals in Karachi without compromising quality or quantity. 

The sehri meal includes traditional dishes such as biryani, curries, tandoori dishes, and desserts, making it an ideal option for those on a budget. Experience the best Pakistani and Indian cuisine at an affordable price at Royal Taj this Ramzan.

Special Sehri Deals – Del Frio

Del Frio is a popular restaurant in Karachi that offers a diverse menu, ranging from Italian to Mexican and Continental cuisine. During Ramzan, the restaurant offers special sehri deals for those looking for a flavorful and filling sehri meal. Customers can choose from various dishes, including pizza, pasta, steaks, and traditional sehri items like parathas and omelets. 

The restaurant’s pleasant and lively atmosphere makes it a great place to socialize with friends and family during sehri time. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to savor the delicious flavors of Del Frio’s cuisine during Ramzan.

Best Online Sehri Deals in Karachi – 14th Street Pizza

If you’re in the mood for a quick and delicious sehri, then 14th Street Pizza is the perfect option. The popular pizza chain offers one of the best online sehri deals in Karachi, where customers can enjoy a slice of pizza and a cold drink for just Rs. 449. With a wide range of delicious toppings, including pepperoni, chicken fajita, and BBQ, there’s something for everyone at 14th Street Pizza. 

The online ordering process is simple and convenient, making it easy to order sehri from the comfort of your home. Take advantage of this fantastic sehri deal from 14th Street Pizza!

Home Delivery Sehri – Lal Qila

Lal Qila is a well-known restaurant in Karachi that offers authentic Mughlai, Tandoori, Live Bar-B-Que, and traditional Pakistani cuisine. Many people prefer to have sehri at home, and Lal Qila provides the perfect solution with their home delivery option. 

You can enjoy their tasty food in the comfort of your home without the hassle of cooking. Additionally, they offer frozen food items you can fry at home, making it easier for you to have a hassle-free sehri. With reasonable prices and delicious food, Lal Qila is an excellent choice for home delivery sehri in Karachi.

Desi Sehri Deals in Karachi – KBC Restaurant 

KBC Restaurant is known for its delicious and mouth-watering fast food in Karachi. During Ramzan, they offer amazing deals for sehri, including their famous Mutton Handi, at a discounted price. This is an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a traditional Pakistani dish for their early morning meal. 

The restaurant’s cozy atmosphere and friendly staff make it a great place to spend some quality time with family and friends while enjoying a tasty meal. You can also order online at your convenience. KBC Restaurant is a must-try option if you’re searching for the best desi sehri deals in Karachi.

Best Dine-In Sehri in Karachi – Marco Polo PC 

Marco Polo, situated in Pearl Continental Karachi, is an excellent choice for those wanting a delectable dine-in sehri experience. They offer extensive sehri buffet and sehri platter deals in Karachi, including a range of Pakistani and Continental cuisines to cater to everyone’s taste buds. 

The ambiance is elegant and comfortable, perfect for enjoying a peaceful sehri meal with family and friends. The staff is courteous and attentive, ensuring all your needs are met. Marco Polo PC is an excellent option for those looking for a luxurious sehri experience with a diverse menu, top-notch service, and a relaxing ambiance.

Best Sehri Buffet in Karachi – Big Tree House

If you are searching for a restaurant in Karachi that offers a variety of cuisines to satisfy your taste buds, Big Tree House is the perfect spot for you. This restaurant is famous for its unique location and beautiful ambiance, making it a perfect place to dine with your loved ones. 

The diverse menu includes Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental cuisine, and they also offer a variety of drinks, including smoothies, milkshakes, and mocktails. Moreover, their sehri buffet is something you wouldn’t want to miss. So, head over to Big Tree House this Ramzan and enjoy the best sehri buffet in Karachi.

Best Aftar Deals in Karachi 

Ramzan is a time when Muslims come together to observe their faith and connect with their communities. Iftar in Karachi is important, with many restaurant options for all tastes and budgets to break fast with loved ones.

Whether you’re looking for the best iftar deals in Karachi or the best Ramzan deals, there’s something for everyone in this vibrant and diverse city. Take advantage of the opportunity to experience the best iftar deals in Karachi this Ramzan!

Best Aftar Deals in Karachi – Saltanat Restaurant 

For those seeking the perfect iftar meal in a royal setting, Saltanat Restaurant is a must-visit during Ramzan. Located in Karachi’s Old Drive Inn Cinema area, the recently opened restaurant offers a range of traditional Pakistani, continental, Chinese, and barbecue dishes. The restaurant’s obsession with providing customers with authentic taste in a beautiful setting is evident in every word they serve. 

Saltanat’s iftar deals during Ramzan are highly anticipated by locals and visitors alike, with special menus and discounts. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the best aftar deals in Karachi at Saltanat Restaurant this Ramzan!

Affordable Iftar and Dinner Deal – Lasania

Lasania is a well-known restaurant chain in Pakistan that offers a range of delicious food options. Its comfortable atmosphere and air-conditioned environment allow customers to enjoy their meals without worrying about the heat outside. The restaurant is famous for its polite and friendly staff, who provide excellent customer service. 

During Ramzan, Lasania offers an affordable iftar buffet with various dishes, including Pakistani, Chinese, and Continental cuisine, refreshing drinks, and desserts. In addition to the Iftar buffet, the restaurant also offers a dinner deal at a reasonable price, making it an excellent option for those looking for an affordable dining experience.

Cheap Iftar in Karachi – Cafeela 

Cafeela Restaurant offers an excellent opportunity to enjoy a delicious and affordable iftar in Karachi. The restaurant caters to various tastes and preferences with its four different cuisines. The Chinese, Pakistani, Thai, and Seafood options are all prepared with fresh ingredients and cooked to perfection. 

The restaurant’s ambiance is also a major highlight, with comfortable furniture and a relaxing atmosphere that will help you unwind after a long day of fasting. The staff at Cafeela is also known for being friendly and helpful, ensuring you have a memorable iftar experience without breaking the bank.

Best Iftar Atmosphere – Cafe ChatterBox

Cafe Chatterbox is a perfect spot for those who enjoy a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere while enjoying delicious food. The decor is well-designed to provide a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere for the customers, ensuring their memorable and comfortable dining experience. The cafe offers a separate section with books for children and adults, allowing families to bond over a meal or simply relax after a long day of fasting. 

The cafe’s iftar buffets are also quite popular during the holy month of Ramzan, offering various delectable dishes. Cafe Chatterbox provides the perfect combination of delicious food and a soothing atmosphere for its customers. 

Sea & Sky Ramazan Buffet

Kolachi is a popular restaurant in Karachi that offers a stunning view of the Arabian Sea. Located at Do Darya, the restaurant provides a breathtaking view bound to mesmerize anyone visiting it. The restaurant’s atmosphere is calming, and the sea view creates a peaceful ambiance. 

During Ramzan, Kolachi offers an extensive iftar buffet with over 50 dishes, and is one of the best Ramzan deals in Karachi. The buffet includes various items, ranging from traditional Pakistani snacks like Dahi Baray and Pakoray to international favorites like Mexican Wings. The iftar cum dinner buffet is perfect for families and friends who want to enjoy a delicious meal while admiring the stunning view of the Arabian Sea.

Chinese Iftar – La Chine

La Chine is the perfect spot if you’re in the mood for Chinese food during Ramzan. This restaurant serves traditional Chinese cuisine, making it stand out from other Chinese restaurants in Karachi. Their iftar menu includes a variety of dishes that will tantalize your taste buds. You can begin with their delicious soup or appetizers, such as dumplings. 

The main course includes various dishes, including Kung Pao and sizzling beef. And, of course, no meal is complete without a sweet ending, and La Chine has got you covered with their mouth-watering desserts. You can enjoy all these dishes in a luxurious ambiance, making your iftar experience truly special.

Iftar in a Box – Lal Qila Iftar Deal Boxes

If you want to enjoy a delicious and hassle-free iftar at home, Lal Qila Iftar Deal Boxes are the perfect option. Lal Qila, known for its authentic Mughlai, Tandoori, and Pakistani cuisine, offers a variety of iftar deal boxes you can order and get delivered to your doorstep. 

These iftar deal boxes include mouth-watering items, such as pakoras, samosas, dates, chana chaat, dahi bhalla, biryani, qorma, naan, and more. Lal Qila’s iftar deal boxes are an excellent option for those who want to enjoy a delicious iftar at home with their family and friends without the hassle of cooking or going out.

Best Western Iftar – Koel Cafe 

Koel Cafe is one of the top destinations in Karachi for Western cuisine lovers, and they’re now offering a mouthwatering iftar menu. Guests can indulge in various salads, appetizers, and main courses featuring chicken, seafood, beef, sandwiches, tempting desserts, and hot or cold beverages. 

Koel’s chefs are known for their commitment to quality and use only the finest ingredients to create healthy and flavorful dishes. The elegant and cozy ambiance of the cafe provides the perfect setting for a peaceful and enjoyable iftar experience. For those seeking a taste of the West this Ramzan, Koel Cafe is an ideal choice.

Shinwari Iftar in Karachi – Shaheen Shinwari


Shaheen Shinwari is a well-known restaurant in Karachi that specializes in Shinwari cuisine. This restaurant is famous for its delicious and authentic Pashtun food. They offer a variety of dishes, including grilled meat, karahi, pulao, and other Pashtun specialties

During Ramzan, Shaheen Shinwari offers special iftar deals and packages that are popular among their customers. Their iftar platter includes traditional Pashtun dishes, such as lamb chops, seekh kebabs, chicken boti, and naan. The restaurant offers these deals as takeaway and delivery options for those who prefer to enjoy their iftar at home.

Best Ramzan Deals in Karachi – Ghalib Restaurant 

Ghalib Restaurant offers the best Ramzan deals in Karachi, with a wide variety of options for both sehri and iftar. Their iftar buffet is considered one of the best in the city, with a range of traditional Pakistani dishes and Chinese and Continental cuisines. 

The restaurant also offers takeaway and delivery options for those who want to enjoy their food at home. The deals are reasonably priced, making Ghalib Restaurant an affordable option for families and groups. Don’t miss the chance to try the best iftar buffet in Karachi at Ghalib Restaurant.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Karachi offers diverse options for those seeking the best sehri and aftari deals during Ramzan. The options are endless, from traditional Pakistani dishes to continental and Chinese cuisines. Many restaurants in Karachi, such as Del Frio, 14th Street Pizza, Saltanat Restaurant, Lasania, Cafeela, and Kolachi, offer amazing sehri and aftar deals to cater to everyone’s preferences and budgets. 

Whether you are looking for affordable deals or luxurious ambiance, there is something for everyone. So, make sure to take advantage of these fantastic deals and try out different restaurants in Karachi during Ramzan. Visit Roaming Pakistan for more information on the best sehri and aftari deals in Karachi restaurants.

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