Best Hi-tea in Karachi: Top 14 Places

best hi-tea in karachi

Nothing brings people together like warm cups of tea with yummy delicacies to munch on. You either enjoy tea with pastries or have a wholesome Hi tea Buffet: the choices are limitless. Be with your friends and family; tea or coffee is central to any gathering. So, we have penned down this article to introduce you to the best places for hi-tea in Karachi that you must try.

Karachi, the city of lights, is the capital of Sindh province. It is the main financial and industrial hub of the country. A religiously, linguistically, and ethnically diverse city is well known for its famous food outlets. You can find articles about the best burgers in Karachi, superb cafes in Karachi, and more on Roaming Pakistan. Therefore, we believe it’s the right time to explore the Hi-tea culture of the city and see how it has evolved.

Hi-tea buffet has become an essential menu component at many restaurants and cafes. Some restaurants offer simple yet delicate and contemporary Western delicacies with your hot beverages. While at other food outlets, you can enjoy a wholesome and loaded Hi-tea buffet with your favorite beverage. Listed below are the famous Hi-tea restaurants in Karachi that you must try.

Marcopolo’s Hi-Tea in Karachi

Fine dining in Karachi

Image of Marcopolo from Google

Next up is Marcopolo restaurant offering a variety of tasty and delicious dishes on its menu. The restaurant is among many brands in Pearl Continental Hotel. The menu card displays an array of transitional and western-style dishes. The ambiance of the place is very cozy and comfortable. So, you can enjoy their Hi tea buffets with friends and family or bring along your colleagues for a comfortable Sunday brunch.

Furthermore, their Hi tea menu is full of traditional and modern dishes. It means you can enjoy all sorts of appetizers, salads, and desserts to your heart’s content. In addition to that, the high tea menu also includes a variety of pastries, hot and cold beverages that you can choose from.

The menu has a variety of continental and Pakistani cuisine-centered dishes that you can try in Hi tea. Lastly, the ambiance of the restaurant is excellent and luxurious. Hence, Marcopolo might become your go-to Hi tea restaurant in Karachi, so do give it a try.

Marcopolo Hi-tea Menu

Included Items
Traditional Appetizers
Continental Appetizers
Refreshing Salads

Marcopolo Contact Details

  • Website: Marcopolo
  • Address: Pearl Continental Hotel, Club Road, Karachi Pakistan
  • Contact:  021 111 505 505
  • Hi-tea Timing: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

Koel Cafe: Best Hi-tea in Karachi

Tasty Hi-tea

Photo of Koel Cafe from Facebook

Next Up on our List for the best hi-tea in Karachi is Koel Cafe. The cafe is famous for its serene ambiance and unique combination of appetizing food and drinks. The cafe’s interior is decorated with plants, soothing lights, and attractive dining tables. Additionally, the outdoor pool also brings out the best nature at Koel cafe.

We added this cafe to our list because of all these qualities and healthy food choices. It is in the upscale commercial area of Clifton, in Karachi. For Hi-tea, the koel cafe offers its full A La Carte menu to the guests. |Firstly, the items in appetizers are from Pakistani cuisine, Pan-Asian, and Continental Cuisine. Secondly, you can also try their refreshing salads in your Hi-tea. The main course menu contains dishes like beef, chicken, and seafood.

Furthermore, you can also satisfy your fast food cravings by munching over various Pizzas. The Hi-tea special at Koel cafe costs Rs 530/- plus tax per person. All-in-All, the good environment, polite staff, and excellent services make it the best place for Hi-tea that you must try.

Koel Cafe Hi-tea Special Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Banoffee PieCaffe’ macchiato
Creme BruleeCappuccino
Deccani Double Ka MeethaExpresso

Koel Contact Details

  • website: Koel Cafe 
  • Address: F 42/2، Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  • Contact: (021) 35309745
  • Hi-tea Timing: 3pm-7pm

Lal Qila Karachi’s Hi-tea in Karachi

Delicious Hi-tea at Lal Qila

Photo of Lal Qila from Facebook

Another place to experience a scrumptious Hi-tea Buffet in Karachi is Lal Qila Karachi Restaurant. The splendid food outlet is the true depiction of the Mughal Era. What’s more, the grand venue with traditional Pakistani cuisine is a go-to place for desi food lovers. You can also enjoy a live BBQ station and authentic Tandoori and Mughal Flavors here. The restaurant is at the Main Shahrah-e-Faisal in Karachi.

Obviously, the Hi-tea menu of the Lal Qila restaurant is as grand as the food outlet is itself. For instance, the Hi-tea Buffet menu offers all sorts of food. You can enjoy numerous tasty soups, salads, BBQ, seafood, and Continental cuisine-centered dishes. Besides, they also have a separate Chat stall to satisfy your craving for yummy street food.

Additionally, a complete section of the Hi-tea menu belongs to Pakistani dishes and mouth-watering desserts. You can also try their sugar-free desserts if suffering from health-related issues. To top it off, accompany your meal with hot and cold beverages to your liking and enjoy a loaded Hi-tea buffet at the highly recommended Lal Qila restaurant. Lastly, the Hi-tea rate at all Qila for adults is Rs 1490/- plus tax per person, and the kid (3-7 years) is Rs 790

Lal Qila Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Hot & Sour SoupTandoori Fried Fish
Apple Coleslaw SaladCrispy Fried Prawns
Crunchy SaladChocolate Pani
Oriental SaladDahi Bundi
Lentil SaladChana Chaat
Waiki SaladShahi Bun Kabab
Saudi HomusChicken Chowmein
Mint Mayo SauceKhubani Ka Meetha
Turkish RaitaChocolate Cake
Chutney (Imli)Glaze Pastry
Peri-Peri Wings BBQCoconut Kheer
Beef Chelo KababGulab Jaman
Chicken Alfredo PastaRice Pudding (Sugarfree)
Gol GappayHot Drinks
French FriesCold Drinks

Lal Qila Contact Details

  • Website: Lal Qila
  • Address: 10/A, M.A.C.H.S، Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, Muhammad Ali Chs (Machs), Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75350
  • Contact: (021) 111 525 745
  • Timing: 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Rosati Bistro’s Hi-tea in Karachi

Hi-tea at Rosati Bistro

Photo of Rosati Bistro from Facebook

Rosati Bistro is another excellent choice for enjoying Hi-tea in Karachi. The spellbinding and cozy venue is everything you can ask for while looking for a place to enjoy a necessary weekend break. The restaurant has an executive lounge, a special smoking lounge, and an outdoor dining area. The place specializes in mastering the art of cooking delicious food. Here you can enjoy an amalgam of formal and casual dining experiences.

Besides that, Rosati Bistro offers Lebanese, Italian, and Mexican cuisine that you can enjoy during your Hi-tea. A glimpse of the Hi-tea menu shows that it is full of delicious and yummy food items. It is because the menu includes Desi Specials, Signature Items, Tea Treats, BBQ Items, Fry Items, Sweet delights, Salads, and Pizza. In contrast to other restaurants, Rosati Bistro only offers hi-tea on weekends with separate hi-tea rates for children and adults.

At Rosati Bistro, the hi-tea rate per head (adult) is Rs 1099+tax and for children (4-7 age) is Rs 699+ Tax. Additionally, the serene and comfortable environment of the Rosati Bistro venue attracts people from all age groups. Hence, it is one place for Hi-tea that you cannot skip while being in Karachi.

Rosati Bistro Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Pani puriAloo Samosa
Halwa PuriKachori
Chana ChatKeema Samosa
Aloo TarkariFries
Chana TarkariVegetable rolls
SandwichFresh Fruit Chat
Mini Burgers10-12 bakery Specials
Fish CrackersSalads
Fish BiscuitsPasta lasagna
Chicken Chati RollPizza
Reshmee KebabChowmein
Chicken Spicy Boti

Rosati Bistro Contact Details

  • Website: Rosati Bistro
  • Address: Main, B 12 Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karsaz KDA Scheme 1, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  • Contact: 0300 0884220
  • Hi-tea Timing: Fri-Sat-Sun 4:00pm to 06:30pm

Al-Bustan’s Hi-tea

Tasty Hi-tea Variety

Photo of Al-Bustan from Facebook

The next restaurant that made it to our list is Al-Bustan. Al-Bustan is another excellent place to enjoy Hi-tea with your family and friends. The place has class and elegance and the food is meant to leave you spoiled for its variety of choices. It is an all-day restaurant built on international standards in Mövenpick Hotel Karachi. What’s more, the restaurant offers extraordinary lunch, breakfast, Hi-tea, and dinner buffets.

Considering the standards and class of Al-Bustan, we included it in our list of best Hi-tea in Karachi.  Of course, the Hi-tea menu at Al-Bustan is also full of delicious and mouthwatering food delicacies. For instance, you can start your Hi-tea venture from their Chana chaat station or Salas Bars. You can continue to divulge in the Arabian, Turkish, and Pakistani flavors-oriented salads to your heart’s content.

Other live stations prepare pakoras, Bun kebabs, and other small delicacies to your liking and demand. Additionally, the hot canapes, desserts, and confectionary tables are going to spoil you for more choices during your Hi-tea experience at Al-Bustan. Lastly, the Hi-tea rate at Al-Bustan is Rs 845 + Tax, which is reasonable and affordable. To summarize, this hi-tea place in Karachi offers class and keeps standards high for Hi-tea culture in Karachi.

 Al-Bustan Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Aaloo Cholaypotato cutlets
Dahi Phulkeprawns
Gol Guppaycakes
mixed Nimkochocolate eclair
Bun Kababsfried fish fingers
Pakoraymini chicken Kabab

Al-Bustan Contact Details

  • Website: Al-Bustan
  • Address: Club Road, Awan e Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan
  • Contact: 021 35633333
  • Hi tea Timing:  4.00 pm – 6.30 pm

Chatterbox Deli: Best Hi-tea in Karachi

Scrumptious Food at Chatter Box

Image of Chatterbox Deli from Facebook

Next up on our list of best Hi-tea places in Karachi is Chatterbox Deli. The food outlet follows the ethos of fresh, healthy, and organic. As visible by the name, the eatery is perfect for planning a foody hi-tea brunch with your friend and family. In addition to delicious food, the venue is spacious and cozy.

The restaurant is very famous for its Hi-tea Platter that costs Rs 1399 + Tax for two persons. Chatterbox Deli is in the Defence Housing Authority V in Karachi. Hi-tea Platter at Cb deli is a vision of small, crunchy, and delicious food. Instead of an extravagant Hi-tea buffet, CB deli offers a very classy and contemporary-styled Hi-tea to its customers. It also includes confectionary and savory dishes that you can relish with your favorite drinks.

In addition to Hi-tea, the restaurant also offers a car dine-in option. To say the least, it is one such place where you cannot have enough comfort food with a healthy twist. Therefore, Cb Deli might be the restaurant you are looking for, if still unsure about your Hi-tea restaurant choice in Karachi.

Chatterbox Deli Hi-tea menu

Included Items
Small Burgers
Chicken Wraps

ChatterBox Deli Contact details:

  • Website: Chatterbox Deli
  • Address: 45-C، Badar Commercial Area Defence V Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500
  • Contact: (021) 35161376
  • Hi-Tea Timing: 4pm-7pm

Royal Jasmine’s Hi-tea in Karachi

Royal jasmine In Karachi

Photo of Royal jasmine from Facebook

Next up is Royal jasmine, another excellent restaurant that is offering authentic and delicious Pan Asian food in Karachi. The cuisine is centered around Chinese, Thailand, and Japanese flavors. From Royal Dinner Buffets to Hi-tea, their food is matchless in terms of flavors and presentation. The venue also has an excellent ambiance and the service is also pretty good. Because of the high-quality food excellent venue, we have included Royal jasmine in our list of best hi-te places in Karachi. 

You can locate the restaurant in Gulberg town in Karachi. Just like other restaurants, their Hi-tea menu is brimming with tasty dishes. Firstly, the Hi-tea menu offers a variety of east Asian soups that you can choose to start your meal. You will also find individual Salad bars, Chat corner, and Live counters for various traditional and Pan-Asian starters. secondly, you can continue your meal with a proper main course from the Hi-tea menu and top it off with yummy confectionaries from Desserts Bar.

Lastly, complement your meal with warm tea or fresh fruit juices. The Hi-tea is Royal Jasmine and costs Rs 1099 + tax. So, this might be your place for Excellent Hi-tea if you are a fan of East-Asian food.

Royal jasmine Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Hot and Sour soupFried rice
Russian saladFish cutlets
Beetroot saladPizza/Mayo roll
Apple cabbage saladDessert Bar
Chana Chaat cornerFruit Juices
Prawn tempuraTea Counter
BBQ BotiCookies

Royal jasmine Contact Details

  • Website: Royal jasmine 
  • Address: W3JP+XVP, FB Industrial Area Block 21 Gulberg Town, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  • Contact: (021) 37181239
  • Timing: Hi tea 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm

Best Hi-tea in Karachi at Terrace Cafe

Chocolate Fountain with Hi-tea

Image of  Terrace Cafe from Facebook

It is an open-air cafe offering the scrumptious Hi-tea in Marriot hotel Karachi. Because of luxurious decor and delicious delectables in the Hi-tea menu, the place has become extremely famous within the city. Due to its location and delicious menu, the restaurant also made to our the list of best Hi-tea in Karachi. The refreshing ambiance of the venue is further uplifted by the music and the premium services of the cafe.

The cafe is also perfect for evening get-togethers with your friends and family and even for formal business gatherings. Similar to the previous restaurant, the cafe is offering a variety of snacks and finger foods that you can enjoy with your favorite hot drink. Furthermore, you can visit their Facebook page to take a closer look at what is included in the Hi-tea at Terrace Cafe. For example, you will relish bite-size delectable savory and dessert snacks.

On one hand, you can start your meal with a range of savory dishes like samosas, pakoras, patties, and more. Continue your meal with the main course meal and finish it with a variety of confectionaries. However, the adventure of Hi-tea does not end here, as there is also a chocolate fountain for chocolate lovers to satisfy their sweet tooth. Lastly, Hi-tea at The terrace cafe costs Rs 1200/ + tax per head. So, we believe it is the perfect place to enjoy Hi-tea in Karachi.  

Terrace Cafe Hi-tea menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Chocolate and Lemon TartChocolate Fountain
BurgersCupcakes and
Chocolate pastriesFruit Cakes
BBQ ChickenChocolate Croissants
Fruit saladsHot & Cold drinks

Terrace Cafe Contact Details

  • Website:  Terrace Cafe
  • Address: 9 Abdullah Haroon Rd, Civil Lines, Karachi
  • Contact:  021-111-223-344
  • Hi-tea Timing:

The Patio’s best Hi-tea in Karachi

Mouth watering Food at The Patio

Image of The Patio from Facebook

Established in 2009, the patio is another contemporary restaurant that is offering excellent Hi-tea in Karachi. It is a fine dining restaurant with a luxurious ambiance and vibrant environment. The staff is also highly professional and friendly, and the services are extremely satisfactory. At the Patio, the owner has coupled extravagant culinary experience with a home-style feel for you to have an unforgettable experience.

All of these attributes make it an excellent choice for an exceptional culinary experience in Karachi. The Hi-tea menu at The Patio is continental-style and includes both tea and coffee for you to enjoy. A close look at their Hi-tea menu shows that it offers several types of Turkish Dips to complement Lavash and Pita bread.

Additionally,  a variety of savories are available that you can try to your heart’s content. Moving on to the next section where different mini desserts and confectionaries are added for the guests. Furthermore, you can accompany your meal with tea or coffee as both options are available. Finally, the Hi-tea rate per head at the Patio is Rs 1300 + 13% tax. We believe that it is one such place that you would want to revisit many times.

The Patio Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Chocolate and Lemon TartChocolate Fountain
BurgersCupcakes and
Included ItemsIncluded Items
Baba GanoushMargarita pizza
IzmirPrawn toast
hummusChicken sriracha slider
pita breadBrownies
Spanish pieLemon and chocolate tart
chicken cheese ballBanoffee pie
chicken and cheese croquettesTres leches cake
Cocktail sandwichCoffee
Vegetable spring rollTea
Keema SamosaWater

The Patio Contact Details

  • Website: The Patio
  • Address: F-50/1 F-Street, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi, 75500
  • Contact: (021) 35309871
  • Timing: Hi tea Weekly 4:00pm – 7:00pm

Asia Live’s Hi-tea in Karachi

Extravagant Food Buffet at Asia Live

Image of Asia Live from Facebook

Asia Live is another restaurant that is becoming famous for Hi-tea because of its unique flavors, particularly among the female fraternity. The restaurant is present in the Avari Towers in Karachi. The place is becoming a renowned food outlet because it offers Pakistani and International cuisine-oriented dishes.

In addition to delicious food, there is live music that adds to the already pleasant ambiance of the restaurant. In addition to platters in their Menu, Asia Live added a scrumptious Hi-tea in 2019. Their aim was to include delicious snacks and meals in the Hi-tea from various cuisines. So, the Hi-tea includes salads, samosas, pakoras, rolls, chats, a huge variety of bite-size snacks that you can enjoy.

Moreover, you can enjoy delicious food with a beverage of your choice. The restaurant charges Rs 1350 per person for Hi-tea, which is reasonable. Lastly, You can also check out their Facebook page for further details about Hi-tea or buffets.

Asia Live Contact details

  • Website: Asia Live 
  • Address: Avari Towers Main Building, Karachi Cantonment, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  • Contact: (021) 111 282 747
  • Hi tea Timing: Mon-Sat 04:00pm – 06:30pm

Ambrosia’s Hi-Tea in Karachi

Another restaurant that made to our list of the best place for Hi-tea in Karachi is Ambrosia. The place is famous for its ambiance and lively peaceful environment. Initially, the restaurant started out as a small chai cafe but turned into a spacious, out dining restaurant. Currently, it is sprawled over a garden and provides a matchless fine-dining experience. You can find the restaurant in old Clifton in Karachi.

In terms of menu, Ambrosio is the first-of-its-kind restaurant in the country to introduce Mediterranean cuisine. With respect to the Hi-tea at Ambrosia, the menu includes soups salads, Appetizers, and different meat-oriented main dishes. You can either enjoy chicken, beef, lamb, and seafood main courses or try their Pizzas and Pasta bowl.

Additionally, there are different hot and cold beverages that your can order to accompany your meal. You can also try their most famous Hi-tea snacks include smoked salmon Canopies, Turkey Sandwiches, Quiche Lorraine, and more. Lastly, Hi-tea at Ambrosia is a classy treat for elegant people and cost Rs 895 + tax Per head, so don’t forget to give it a try.

Ambrosia Contact Details

  • Website:
  • Address: Old Clifton, Bungalow No.76, Karachi
  • Contact: (021) 32624498
  • Timing: Hi-Tea 4 pm to 7 pm

Rangoli’s best Hi-tea in Karachi

best Hi-tea at Rangoli

Image of Rangoli from Facebook

Another restaurant that is offering extravagant and wholesome Hi-tea in Karachi is Rangoli. It is a buffet restaurant that specializes in authentic Mughal and continental cuisine. With respect to Hi-tea, you can try Pakistani, Arabic, Chinese, Thai, and continental dishes in the Hi-tea Buffet. The artistically designed restaurant has a seating area for 550 people with a separate casual low seating area and the main dining room.

The staff is also highly skilled and the services are excellent. Because of culinary diversity, we believe their Hi-tea is a must-try. Let’s take a closer look at their extravagant and Hi-tea cum buffet menu. The Hi-tea menu at Rangoli is massive as it includes Salad Bar, dressings, Chati, Main course, Live stations, Chat Counter, Dessert Bar, and hot/cold beverages.  Such a massive Hi-tea menu is definitely gonna make you spoil for all sorts of choices.

For instance, you can try their salads with contemporary dressings or traditional chatnis. For the main course in Hi-tea, you can try authentic Pakistani dishes and finish your meal with mouth-watering desserts. You can also go to their website and check out the Complete Hi-tea complete menu. Lastly, their Hi-tea rate per head for adults is Rs 1312 + Tax and for children is Rs 739 + tax.

Rangoli Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Chocolate and Lemon TartChocolate Fountain
BurgersCupcakes and
Included ItemsIncluded Items
Russian SaladChicken Tikka Boti
mix beans saladKachori
Seafood saladTarkari
Cocktail dressingJalebi
French DressingBun kabab
Chilli SauceKhatte Aaloo
BBQ sauceGol Gappe
aaloo samoosaChana Chaat
Lolly Pop Bar B-Q WingsKhatte Aaloo
Chicken PattiesDahi Baray
Chicken WontonDahi Phulki Sweet
French friesRed Velvet
Assorted SandwichTea/Coffee

Rangoli Contact Details

  • Website: Rangoli 
  • Address: Karsaz Road، Near Maritime Museum Park، Karsaz Faisal Cantonment, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh
  • Contact: (021) 34343434
  • Hi-Tea Timing: Wed-Sun Hi-Tea 4:00pm-6:00pm

Neco’s Cafe in Karachi

Healthy food at Neco's Cafe

Photo of Neco’s Cafe from Facebook

Neco’s Cafe is another restaurant that is offering the best Hi-tea in Karachi.  It is considered among the best cafes in Karachi because it provides tasty, healthy, and delicious food. Their food brings joy to your plate with unparalleled flavors. Moreover, the serene ambiance with a cozy dining area makes it the perfect place for Hi-tea in Karachi.

You can locate the renowned cafe in the commercial area of the Defence Housing Authority in Karachi. The Hi-tea at Neco’s cafe offers continental and Pakistani bite-size food delicacies. For Instance, you can enjoy different sandwiches, mini pizzas, along with Chana Chaat and Samosa Chaat.

Although the Hi-tea menu is not vast, each food item is delicious and flavourful. Additionally, the compulsory Hot beverages, Tea, and Coffee also accompany the HI-tea Buffet. Besides that, Hi-tea rates per head at Neco’s cafe are Rs 599 + tax. Therefore, we recommend you to try food particularly with this Hi-tea rate in  Karachi.

Neco’s cafe Hi-tea Buffet menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Chocolate and Lemon TartChocolate Fountain
BurgersCupcakes and
Included ItemsIncluded Items
Samosa ChatChicken & Mushroom crepes
Dhahi BarayMini Pizzas
Chola ChaatCheese Mini burgers
Aloo Bhaji & ParathaGarlic beef skewers
Roast beef & cucumber SandwichDessert section
Nutty Chicken SandwichRegular and Green tea

Neco’s Cafe Contact Details

  • Website: Neco’s Cafe
  • Address: 8C Lane 1, Bukhari Commercial Area Phase 6 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75500
  • Contact: (021) 35242654
  • Hi-Tea Timing:  Monday 04:00pm-07:00pm

Bella Vita’s Hi-Tea Karachi

Continental foo dat Bella Vita

Photo of Bella Vita from Facebook

Lastly, the final restaurant that made it to our list of Best Hi-tea in Karachi is Bella Vita. We included this restaurant in our list because it specializes in authentic European bakes. It also offers a range of tasty delicacies that make your dining experiences memorable and beautiful. Moreover, the ethos of high-quality food is also reflected in the Hi-tea menu at Bella Vita.

In contrast to other Hi-tea restaurants, the English Tea platter at Bella Vita is available all week long and includes an arrangement of bite-size sweet and savory meals along with beverages. You can also make your own platter for Hi-tea from choices that include sandwiches, Cheese Sliders, Chicken Strips BBQ Wings, and more. 

Moreover, the dessert section includes Bella Vita special ice cream and cake slices. Of course, we cannot miss tea or Chai as it is the main component of Hi-tea. The Hi-tea at Bella Vita per head cost Rs 1399 along with tax.

Bella Vita Hi-tea Menu

Included ItemsIncluded Items
Chocolate and Lemon TartChocolate Fountain
BurgersCupcakes and
Included ItemsIncluded Items
Chicken Cheese sandwichTwo Bela Vita Special chia
Chicken StripsCoffee
Chicken CasseroleTea
Open-Faced Spinach and Artichoke SandwichGreen tea
BBQ Wings2 scoops of Gelato
Sriracha PrawnsCake Slices

Bella Vita Contact Details

  • Website: Bella Vita
  • Address: 1A Tipu Sultan Rd, Karachi Memon Co-operative Housing Society Jinnah Housing Society PECHS, Karachi, Karachi City
  • Contact: 021 111435286
  • Hi-Tea Timing: Mon-Sun 04:00pm to 07:00pm

To summarize

This article has discussed different places that you can try for Hi-tea in Karachi. Because Hi-tea culture has become very common, why not experience it at the best places in the city of lights. here, find out about the best Hi-tea places in Karachi and share your views in the comment section below.

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