Top 8 Places To Eat Best Burgers in Karachi (June 2023)

Burgers in Karachi

Burgers should have a pleasing combination of sweet, sour, and salty tastes, with a dash of crunch. Ideally, the patties will be juicy, the buns will be soft but sturdy, and the meat/bun/accompaniment ratio should remain the same from first to last bite. Why are people obsessed with burgers? Probably the most apparent reason why we like burgers so much is that they are so cheap. Burgers are not just affordable, and they’re easy to eat as well. Due to the ground-up nature of the meat, you don’t need to chew much. It eats quickly since it’s served on a bun. Like another world. If you’re looking for the best burgers in Karachi, we know exactly where to go.

Fast food burgers rank as one of the most popular items. People throughout the world are fond of them. Many outlets offer great burgers. Likewise, there are many options in Pakistan. One might easily find some of the best burgers in Karachi.

The largest city in Pakistan, Karachi, has many restaurants, cafes, bakeries, and hotels. Especially burgers are loved by the people of Karachi. In this article, we will tell you all about the best burgers in Karachi. 

Aussie Burger Company

one of best burgers in Karachi
Photo by Aussie Burger from Facebook

Aussie Burger Company is the latest addition to Karachi’s vibrant food scene. It has three branches in Karachi located in Royal Apartment, D.H.A and Chundrigar. Aussie Burger Company has promised to sell delicious burgers in Karachi since it was established. Moreover, It provides you with a very healthy, pleasant, and secure atmosphere. Indeed, It is the best place to have a burger and fun with your families and friends.

There is an extensive menu available. The menu is quite interesting, with some very exciting burgers and desserts. A few of the best Burgers on the menu are the Aussie Chicken, Hell Fire Chicken, BBQ Chicken, and Jalapeno Bacon Chicken. Furthermore, the loaded fries with secret Aussie sauce, the hot dogs, the shakes, and the desserts on their menu are all excellent. Every aspect of their menu is created with love and layered with hand-made perfection.

Several food lovers in Karachi attended a private food tasting right before the opening of Aussie Burger Company to enjoy meat burgers and buffalo wings. The company offers Dine-in and takeaway options. Their Buns make them one of the tastiest and best burgers in Karachi. Their official website allows customers to place orders. Alternatively, you can phone up the corporation directly to place an order. Moreover, the Facebook page provides more information. 

Aussie Burger Company Contact Details


Address: Nishat Commercial, D.H.A Phase 6, Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Contact Number: +92 311 1266100

Timing: 12 PM – 1 AM

Aussie Burger Company Menu

Stackers – The Burger Cafe        

stackers: best burgers in karachi
Stackers – The Burger cafe

Stackers-The Burger Cafe serves the best gourmet Burgers in Karachi. These burgers are made with fresh buns and frozen meat, and they are made with a variety of unique and healthy ingredients. Additionally, it serves gourmet burgers of new, traditional elements in a cozy and casual environment. The brioche bun is freshly made, and the burgers are pure delight. It offers a full menu of Burgers.

Whether you are looking for beef burgers, chicken burgers, or grilled burgers, you will find every type of burger at this place, but the Esclope burger is the tastiest and the best burger in Karachi. Moreover, the menu features Classic and Gourmet Burgers, Gourmet Fries, Fried Chicken, Sides, such as Plain and Crinkle Fries, Onion Rings, Nuggets, Cheese Balls, Wings, and beverages. Furthermore, their quantity is superb. Unless you’re a foodie, you’re not going to finish the whole burger.

You can order their complete menu with the price by calling the company’s contact number. In addition, we have listed the address so that you can visit one of the most popular dine-in facilities in Karachi. The Stackers Burger Cafe Karachi official website is below. So, you can also place your order online. 

Stackers – The Burger Cafe Contact Detail


Address: Shop 29, Allah Noor Apartments, adjacent Maskan Roundabout, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

Contact Number: +92 334 334 9564

Timing: 12:30 PM – 2:30 AM (Monday – Thursday)

              12:30 PM – 3 AM ( Friday – Sunday)

Burger O’Clock

Burger O' Clock
Photo by Burger O’ Clock from Facebook

The Burger O Clock is an adventurous modern restaurant where passionate burger lovers are welcomed. Nearly four branches are located in Karachi, and another component is located in Bahawalpur. The restaurant provides its customers with outstanding security and assures them that they can have a memorable gathering with family and friends. Moreover, all its burgers are fresh, hygienic, and delicious.  

There’s no doubt you’ll enjoy this one if you’re a fan of burgers since the food is innovative and creative. You can order different kinds of fries with yummy toppings. Moreover, you will be captivated by their gourmet burgers, Crunches with crispy nachos and fried mozzarella cheese, or Messy meat with crispy onion rings and saucy chili. Additionally, they offer Stack and Classic Burgers, as well as Appetizers, Mocktails, and Beverages, but the FireBird Burger is one of the best Burgers in Karachi.

If you prefer a dine-in or takeaway experience, you can order from us and have it delivered to your home or office. Their goal is to enhance the burger experience through optimized packaging. The packaging of their burgers is designed to maintain their flavor and appearance and make handling easier. Moreover, you can go through the entire Burger O’Clock menu on their website. You can also find it on Facebook. The great thing is that we also provide you with a complete menu of Burger O’Clock.

Burger O’Clock Contact Detail


Address: Nazimabad Branch- Shop no. 3, Block L, Near 5 Star Chowrangi, Karachi

Contact Number: (021) 111 432 532

Timing: 12 PM – 2 AM

Burger Lab

Best Burgers in Karachi
Photo by Burger Lab from Facebook

Initially, Burger Lab was just a takeaway outlet in Kh-e-Rahat. Today, this brand has established a name and is flourishing in Pakistan. It has vowed not to serve precooked food. Moreover, the casual dine-in spot offers incredible smashed burgers that are cooked right in front of you. The burgers are of top-notch quality and are delicious. They keep coming up with unique and delicious combinations.

The burger spot now has over ten branches throughout Karachi and is known for its delicious food. Their menu offers a wide range of eatables, and their secure and friendly environment will ensure that you have a good time while dining. Among its exclusive Burgers are The Doppler, Quadra Reloaded, and The Boss, however, the Fire House burger makes this restaurant on the list of best burgers in Karachi. Moreover, the restaurant’s menu includes Chicken Feast, Smashed Beef, Crispy Delight, and drinks. Deals are available as well.

The interior of the eatery meets the expectations of young people quite well. The interior is quite extraordinary. This spot has plenty of seating, so you don’t have to worry about space limitations. It is possible to place an order online and schedule a date for the event. Everything is ready when you arrive. This makes this restaurant very appealing.

Additionally, their website allows you to fill out their inquiry form to place an order delivered to you. Moreover, you can obtain information from their Facebook page. You may also contact them by phone using the number below.

Burger Lab Contact Details


Address: Captain Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Road, Block A Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS), Karachi.

Contact Number: (021) 111 112 522

Timing: 11 AM – 2 PM (Except Friday)

               2 PM – 2 AM ( Friday)

Burger Lab App

HOB – House of Burgers

HOB - Best brgers in Karachi
Photo by House of Burger from Facebook

The House of Burger (HOB) is one of the best places to have burgers in Karachi. There are 2 HOB franchises in Karachi, one in North Nazimabad and one in Gulshan-e-Iqbal. Their mouth-watering burgers will make you drool over their unique sauces. The restaurant is known for its gourmet burgers, fries, and wings. We believe you’ll be delighted after eating there.

Among their extensive menu is pizza, fries, wings, burgers, sandwiches and has Sidelines too like Nuggets and Chilli Bites. You can choose a perfect chicken or beef burger in burgers, including classic and spice buster, messy BBQ, grilled mushroom, and crispy burgers, but the Grilled Blue Cheese Premium burger is the most delicious among other burgers. Furthermore, if you love burgers, you should try the Big Daddy’s burger or Holy Crunch, which is served with mozzarella. Besides this, you can also get a Swiss mushroom burger.

For people who appreciate a pleasant dining environment and good food, this is a good dining spot. On their official website, you can place an order, and the Facebook page is permanently active. They deliver food to your doorstep. To order food from House of Burger, you can dial the following number to get it delivered to your door.

HOB – House of Burgers Contact Detail


Address: Shop # 5, Samrina Comforts, Block L, North Nazimabad, Karachi.

Contact Number: 0311 1555462

Timing: 11 AM – 1:30 AM

House of Burger App

The Burger Shack: Offering Best Burgers in Karachi

The shack Burger Karachi
Photo by The Shack Burger from Facebook

Burger Shack is a good place to have fresh, quality hamburgers in this city. They have more than five branches in Karachi. It is one of the fastest-growing burger places in Karachi and offers a unique twist on the concept of gourmet burgers. Burgers are available on their menu, including beef and chicken burgers. You will certainly enjoy your visit here. There are a variety of choices where you can choose your desired product. 

The burgers they offer include smoky crunch, classic crunch, buffalo crunch, honey mustard crunch, jalapeno crunch, grilled mushroom, and jalapeno. However, the Shack Smoke House burger has a unique taste that why it’s on the list of best burgers in Karachi. They also provide different desserts on the menu, such as apple pie, blueberry pie, and shacks’a’bon. Their masterpieces like Shack Original, Shack Full House, Chipotle Crunch, and Smokey Crunch are very popular.  

All of its burgers are fresh, hygienic, and delicious. You can order from us to have it delivered to your home or office if you prefer to dine in. In addition, their website allows you to fill out an inquiry form to order items that will be delivered to you. In addition, their Facebook page posts information that you can view. Their phone number is written below if you would like to talk to them.

The Burger Shack Contact Detail


Address: D.H.A. Sehar Commercial Area Phase 7 Defence Housing Authority, Karachi.

Contact Number: (021) 111 827 827

Timing: 12 PM – 1 AM

The Sauce Burger Cafe: 

saucer burger cafe
Photo by The Sauce Burger Cafe from Facebook

“The Sauce” occupies one of Sindhi Muslim’s food streets, and its age is both old and young. The launch of The Sauce, with its star-studded lineup, stirs up much interest and leads thousands of burger lovers to go there. In Karachi, it is situated in Sindhi Muslim Cooperative Housing Society (SMCHS). In fact, this burger joint in Karachi boasts a bright and clean environment with an eye-catching orange and white theme. Additionally, they have a great variety of burgers on the menu.

Sauce-Burger Cafe serves delicious burgers, fries, and meat to fast food lovers. Chicken and beef burgers are among their delicious offerings when it comes to the best burgers in Karachi. Further, the Potomatoes and unique sauce have made it popular among burger enthusiasts and will entice many others. There is a large selection of delectable desserts and shakes available, as well as a lot of specialty burgers. In addition, do taste their secret Pepperoni Sauce and be ready to fall into an addiction!. 

A burger from this restaurant won’t break your budget since it starts at just PKR 450. Also, there is a delivery service, but some areas are not covered, so check this over the phone. In addition, you can visit their website and Facebook page for more information.

The Sauce Burger Cafe Contact Detail


Address: 119 Captain Fareed Bukhari Shaheed Road, Block A Sindhi Muslim CHS (SMCHS), Karachi.

Contact Number: (021) 111 172 823

Timing: 10 AM – 4:30 AM

Oh My Grill: Best Place That Offers Best Burgers in Karachi

Best grill burgers in Karachi
Photo by Oh My Grill from Facebook

Oh My Grill is another excellent option in Karachi for people looking for delicious burgers. Currently, there are four successful branches. The two are located in DHA Karachi and one in Bahadurabad, while the remaining one is located in Gulshan-e-Iqbal in Lahore. It is famous for its charcoal-grilled patties. You are most likely to leave a positive comment after visiting this place.

This unique place offers a clean and safe environment that will make you feel comfortable and safe when attending social events with friends and family. Moreover, the friendly and colorful atmosphere pervaded everywhere, which indeed made you appreciate it. Furthermore, their menu is beautifully presented. It is worth trying their Grilled Dijon Chicken, Spicy Gourmet, and Double Mushroom Melt Burgers. The menu offers a wide selection of burgers as well as appetizers, beverages, and deals. For those who prefer beef, their Gouda Cheese Burger is the best beef burger in Karachi.

They sell burgers starting from PKR 370. Additionally, you can check out their menu online and have your order delivered to your doorstep. We included their website and phone number for you below. If you are on Facebook, you can also visit them there. 

Oh My Grill Contact Detail


Address: 6C, Shop #1، Commercial Ave, Sehar Commercial Area Phase 7 DHA, Karachi.

Contact Number: 0311 1664664

Timing: 1 PM – 12 AM

Oh MY Grill App

Overall, it may be said…

You now have a list of the top 8 places to get good, tasty burgers in Karachi. Furthermore, we also include contact info and their addresses so that you can contact them quickly. Hopefully, you will find it comfortable, and feel free to let us know what it lacks. We would appreciate your feedback.  

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