Complete K&Ns Menu Price List in Pakistan (2021)

K&Ns safe and healthy chicken

With a wide selection of whole chickens, designer cuts, premium boneless meat and ready-to-cook products, K&Ns menu offers a premium value in chicken products, with a multitude of options for cooking and preserving chicken. Furthermore, K&N’s provides poultry farmers with a range of poultry farming products, including parent stock, broiler chicks, poultry feed, and hatching … Read more

The Complete McDonald’s Menu in Pakistan (2021)

The Complete McDonald’s Menu

Hunger pangs, and craving juicy and crispy fast food? Order McDonald’s. Pakistan’s fast food outlets offer a huge variety but nothing surpasses McDonald’s international standards. From happy meals to crunchy fries, McDonald’s Menu tops the list of affordable fast food in Pakistan. Above all, the 72 outlets of McDonald’s in Pakistan serve delicious fast food … Read more

The Complete KFC Menu In Pakistan (2021)

KFC Chicken Pakistan

Pakistan is home to a number of international fast food brands. These fast-food restaurants have wonderfully crafted menus that offer everything from burgers, fried chicken, pizza, to various desserts. So we at Roaming Pakistan thought, why not make a directory of sorts to list all the menu items of these places in one place? If … Read more