Are There New Airlines Launching in Pakistan?

airline in pakistan

Pakistan doesn’t come to mind when we think about global leaders in aviation. But private airlines in Pakistan do exist. They are few but have managed to sustain themselves through various difficult times. The continued downfall of PIA has certainly contributed to the rise of private airlines. But another argument can also be made. The domestic air traffic of Pakistan is well enough to meet the supply of current airlines, as well as new entrants. Speaking of new airlines, did you know that quite a few of them are launching soon?

Gone are the days of Airblue and Shaheen Air dominance of Pakistan’s domestic air traffic. Whatever happened to Air Indus by the way? I remember travelling on Air Indus back in 2014. It was a nice airline that had newly launched but I haven’t heard of it since. I think the last major announcement from the late 2020s was the abrupt ceasing of Shaheen Air operations. It did come as a shock that an airline that had enjoyed a considerable share of Pakistan’s domestic and international air traffic suddenly vanished. But enough about the past, let us talk about the future.

The future of Pakistan’s aviation scene is that there are quite a few new airlines coming. Who can blame them? After the massive success of SereneAir and the very recent launch of AirSial, private investors suddenly became more interested. So much so that it has been reported that as many as three new airlines are going to launch very soon in Pakistan. That will take the total number of airlines in Pakistan to 7. This will be in addition to Pakistan International Airlines, Airblue, SereneAir, and AirSial.

airlines in pakistan

Three New Airlines Expected to Launch in Pakistan

The three new airlines launching in Pakistan are Jet Green, Q-Airlines, and Fly Jinnah. While we can’t say for sure how many of these will actually launch. We sure hope all of them do eventually. Getting an airline registered in Pakistan is a very expensive, time consuming and resource-intensive process. It took many months for the verification and authorisation procedures for AirSial to complete. That also had something to with the background checks of the airline’s directors by Pakistan’s intelligence agencies. Background checks are very important when it comes to any sensitive business segment or industry. Air travel is perhaps at the top of that list.

Being very hopeful about the future of Pakistan’s tourism, we know that a booming aviation industry can only bring good news. Roaming Pakistan wishes all of these entrants the very best in their journey. And if there are more airlines that we have yet to hear about. We would love to see you fly as well!

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