Complete Angeethi Menu & Price List (Jun 23)

Do you want to experience a “dhaba” style ambiance in a more sophisticated setting? Inspired by a roadside eatery-style interior that completes with benches, wooden tables, and a cozy ambiance, Angeethi has something unique to offer, both for your eyes and palates. With a traditional decor and exceptional dining experience, this quintessentially desi cuisine in Karachi is a symbol of excellence.

The Angeethi menu is quite extensive, ranging from karahi to biryani and seafood. The place is famous for the appetizing aroma of juicy BBQ and karahi, coupled with fresh tandoori Naan to attract food lovers.

Every food item is prepared by an experienced chef while following a pure traditional recipe and using high-quality ingredients. This delectable haven always offers trendy deals so you can enjoy it without burdening your pockets. Everyone who is fond of authentic desi cuisine must visit this exceptionally amazing eatery.

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure the complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 15 June 2023.

Angeethi Menu & Price List

From Pakistan to Asia to the Middle East, you will find multiple cuisines under the same roof. From juicy kebabs to traditional and chef specials, the Angeethi menu in Karachi has every option to elevate your taste buds and force you to come again to find more.

Here is the Angeethi menu with a price list.

WOW Deals

Deal 1Any 2 Chicken Roll399
Deal 2 Rs 14994 Chicken Bihari Roll + 4 Malai Boti Roll1499
Deal 3 Rs 499Tikka (Leg/Chest) + 1 Paratha + 1 Drink499
Deal 4 Rs 11991 Chicken Peshawari Karahi Half + 3 Plain Naan1199
Deal 5 Rs 44991 Makhni Handi Half + 1 BBQ Platter + 1 Raita + 1 Salad + 4 Paratha + 4 Plain Naan4499
Deal 6 Rs 14991 Chicken Bihari + 1 Chicken Reshmi Kabab + 2 Paratha1499

Combo Box

Chicken Kabab Handi – Bbq Handi Biryani – 3 Plain Naan2212


Jalapeno FriesRs 425
BBQ loaded FriesRs 645
Hot n Sour SoupFrom Rs 325
Chicken Corn SoupFrom Rs 325
Plain FriesRs 345
Masala FriesRs 365
Garlic FriesRs 395
Cheese NaanRs 545
Qeema NaanRs 645
Tikka NaanRs 645
HummusRs 545
Fish & ChipsRs 1195
Chicken StripsRs 845


Dish NamePrice
Chicken Makhni HandiHalf (1595), Full (2595)
Chicken Kabab HandiHalf (1545), Full (2545)
Beef Kabab HandiHalf (1545), Full (2545)
Paneer Reshmi HandiHalf (1645), Full (2495)
Chicken Boneless KarahiHalf (1445), Full (2345)
Katakat with brain1495
Chicken Achari Karahi BonelessHalf (1445), Full (2345)
Chicken Peshawari Boneless KarahiHalf (1545), Full (2445)
White Chicken KarahiHalf (1545), Full (2445)
Chicken Peshawari KarahiHalf (1545), Full (2445)
Chicken Quetta KarahiHalf (1545), Full (2445)
Chicken Quetta Karahi BonelessFrom Rs 1545 2445
Mutton KarahiHalf (2295), Full (3445)
White Mutton KarahiHalf (2295), Full (3445)
Mutton Peshawari KarahiHalf (2295), Full (3445)
Mutton Quetta KarahiHalf (2295), Full (3445)
Mutton Qeema KarahiHalf (1795), Full ( 2795)


Ultimate Bbq PlatterRs 8495
Malai BotiRs 1095
Chicken DrumsticksRs 1245
Chicken TikkaRs 445
Chicken Reshmi KababRs 945
Chicken BihariRs 895
Chicken Tandoori KababRs 1045
Beef Seekh KababRs 945
Shangrilla BotiRs 1045
Beef BihariRs 1095
Afghani Boti BeefRs 1245
Mutton KababRs 1245
BBQ PlatterRs 3595
Chicken TikkaRs 445

Chef’s Special Desi Tarka

Special DaalRs 545
Daal ChawalRs 495
The Big Biryani (3-4)Rs 1999
Mix Sabzi (2-4)Rs 495
Palak PaneerRs 895
BBQ ShashlikRs 895
BBQ Handi BiryaniRs 1045
Brain MasalaRs 1695


Crispy Chicken RollRs 270
Beef Bihari RollRs 300
Chicken Reshmi Kabab RollRs 250
Malai Boti RollRs 270
Beef Seekh Kabab RollRs 270
Chicken Bihari RollRs 250


Beverage TypePrice
Soft Drink160
Mineral Water Small (110), Large (210)
Fresh Lime200


Plain NaanRs 60
Lal Atta RotiRs 80
Roghni NaanRs 110
Garlic NaanRs 100
ParathaRs 110

Additional Items

Chopped SaladRs 345
Kheer/RabriRs 345
TEARs 250
SaladRs 345
RaitaRs 345
Roll ChutneyRs 345

Angeethi Location

Angeethi restaurant is located in two of the most accessible locations of Karachi. These are;

Shahbaz Commercial Karachi Branch

Shop No 1 & 2 Plot 6-C Main, Shahbaz Commercial Area Phase 6 DHA Karachi.

Tipu Sultan Road Karachi Branch

Roshan Tower, Shop no 6 & 7, Tipu Sultan Road, Karachi.

Angeethi Contact Information

To inquire about Angeethi menu or book a reservation, you can use the following contact numbers

Angeethi Payment Options

Accepts Cash, American Express, Visa, Mastercard · Credit, and debit cards. 

Angeethi Discount Offers

Angeethi menu Tipu Sultan and DHA has currently two amazing card offers in the bucket.

  1. Get 50 percent off on every wednesday using Faysal Bank Limited Noor Cards.
  2. Get 50 percent off  on every Tuesday with Visa Credit Cards. 

Angeethi Service Options 

  • Dine in
  • Delivery
  • Take out

Final Words

If you are fond of authentic desi cuisine in a classy ambiance, Angeethi is your one-stop eatery. Great customer support, amazing culinary experience, soul-nourishing ambiance, and great amenities, this culinary hub is worth your try.

From starters and traditional dishes to chef specials and fast food, every item in Angeethi’s menu is prepared to perfection. Plus the great ambiance of the Angeethi and roadside-eatery-inspired interior offer an incredible experience.


Is Angeethi only in Karachi?

Yes, Angeethi restaurant is currently located in Karachi. It has two branches, one in Tipu Sultan and the other in DHA Karachi.

Can we place an order for the Angeethi menu on Food Panda?

Yes, the Angeethi menu is available on Food Panda, so you can enjoy a great food experience from the comfort of your home or office. You can also order directly from their site, or Facebook page, or by calling directly on any of the given numbers.

Does Angeethi offer any deals or discounts?

Angeethi restaurant has competitive prices, but they also offer “wow deals” and card offers from time to time. Currently, Angeethi is offering limited-time discount offer for Faysal Bank and Visa card users.

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