6 Restaurants in Civic Center Bahria Town Phase 4 Islamabad

Bahria Town Phase 4 is loaded with Restaurants in Civic Center Islamabad and has become a hub of the commercial as well as the restaurant industry. The entire area is occupied by either businesses or restaurants. And the very little residential area is there, however, people from the twin cities come here for good dining options. The area is full of a local and international chain.

You can find Desi restaurants, Chinese restaurants, Arabic restaurants and much more. Some of the best restaurants of Bahria Town Rawalpindi are located here. This is why we have highlighted some of the restaurants located in the civic centre that needs your attention.

Read ahead and plan your next meetup with friends or a family gathering if you live in the vicinity because you don’t want o to miss some good food.

The Lebanese Table

Photo by The Lebanese Table on Facebook

For all of you who loves Mediterranean food and is looking for an exotic, wild experience there are Lebanese restaurants in Civic Center Islamabad. The Lebanese Table is located in Civic Center in Bahria Town Phase 4 Islamabad. They believe in delivering authentic food that is inspired by Arabic cuisine. For which the restaurant has an experienced and professional chef with years of practice. They deliver all the special delicacies that originated from Middle Eastern countries. 

The menu by The Lebanese Table starts from a variety of soups and starters. Then they have hot and cold mezze in which you can enjoy the rich aroma of Hummus. None of the Lebanese restaurants will be complete without Shawarmas and Wraps. They also have BBQ items but cooked in Arabic style with very mild spices and slow cooking procedures. You can order them individually or simply go for a platter that contains a variety of items. Last but not the least, every meal is incomplete without a dessert. And since you plan to visit a Lebanese restaurant, you need to try their sweet disease too. Basbousa is a Middle Eastern speciality that means Sweet Semolina Cake. It’s a must-try! Another speciality they offer is Manakish which are available with different toppings and flavours. Manakish is basically a baked flatbread topped with olives, tomatoes and other toppings.

The entrance of the restaurant is very classy and modern at the same time. Gives a warm welcome with the wooden works and dim lights. They have glass windows which mean a lit environment in daylight with fresh air. The design is minimal but the ambience gives you a good vibe. Moreover, the staff is courteous and provide efficient service.

Photo by The Lebanese Table on Facebook

The Lebanese Table Contact Details

Website: https://the-lebanese-table.business.site/ 

Address: Civic Center Bahria Town Phase 4 Bahria Town, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Punjab

Contact Number: (051) 5730805

Timings: 12 PM – 12:30 AM

The Lebanese Table Menu

Melodious Lounge Cuisine Civic Center

Photo by
Melodious Lounge – Continental & Chinese Cuisine on Facebook

For an ultimate experience with the food, environment and everything else, Melodious Lounge Cuisine. It’s one of the amazing restaurants in Civic Center Islamabad. They offer continental and Chinese cuisine. Although the place hasn’t got much hype, however, it’s like a hidden gem. You don’t expect much from it but eventually in the end you are more than just happy.

The Melodious Longe was started by 3 Kashmiri brothers and they partnered up with a Chinese who helped them brining a Chinese menu. The restaurant was opened in October 2020 so it’s quite new but they have managed to design it very well. They have given it a tea shop vibe with rustic looks. You can see ceramic wooden floor tiles and busy wallpapers. Then you will notice old music records placed on the wall. There are a lot of Turkish laps which gives it a very cute note in the overall look of this place. However, you will get a very personal lounge kind of feeling with big sofas, comfy chairs and all. There are musical instruments as well. So, the restaurant has one common hall and then there a private hall as well. Perfect for occasions like a birthday party, business meeting or a small wedding event. So you can actually get your event organised by them.

Coming to the menu of the restaurant, you will get great variety in their Starters, Soups, Beef Steaks, Chicken Entrees, Pasta, Burger and sandwiches and much more. Then they have a Pan Asian menu as well including Chinese Bowls. They have amazing deals running these days. First of all, to beat this heat, they have ‘buy one get one free’ on the Bar Menu. There are other deals as well so check them out.

Photo by
Melodious Lounge – Continental & Chinese Cuisine on Facebook

Melodious Lounge Contact Details

Website: https://www.melodiouslounge.com/ 

Address: Plaza 79, Ground Floor, Bahria Town Phase IV Civic Center Rawalpindi, 46220

Contact Number: (051) 5411471

Timings: 1 PM – 12 AM

Melodious Lounge Menu

Manjoo Restaurant

Photo by Manjoo Restaurant on Facebook

Another Arabic restaurant in the vicinity is Munjoo which basically has Arabic, Turkish, Yemen and Syrian specialities. A lot of similar restaurants are opening up in the twin cities and we see the trend is towards food with less spices. That’s what the Arabic Mandi, Shawarmas and wraps are all about. However, Manjoo restaurant is an international chain located in multiple countries and have come to Pakistan for the first time. The response has been tremendous because people have developed taste for their specialities.

The restaurant itself has been kept simple. There is no design incorporated but just glass walls, seating area and big Shawarma Grills with Chicken loaded on them. The chef is cutting these chicken fillets from the edges to get the cooked part. Anyways, there is not much focus on the interior decor because usually, customers here prefer takeaways or car dining. However, in some Arabic restaurants, you’ll see a dining area with no chair or table because the culture is all about sitting on the floor while eating and they have tried to apply the same to their restaurants. But not in the case of Manjoo.

Munjoo restaurant is delivering its food in DHA 1 and 2, Bahria Town phase 1 to 8, PWD, Pakistan Town and Gulraiz. You can also place orders from the restaurant through delivery apps like Food Panda and avail of amazing discounts too. It’s been a year because they celebrated their first anniversary, offering a Flat 50% off on the entire menu this July 3rd.

Manjoo Restaurant Contact Details

Website: https://manjoo.pk/ 

Address: Civic Center Bahria Town Phase 4, Islamabad

Contact Number: 0312 7779990

Timings: 5 AM – 2 AM

Manjoo Restaurant Menu

Downtown Slice Bahria Town Phase 4

Photo by Downtown Slice on Facebook

Another recent option you have in the vicinity is Downtown Slice Pizza. It is one of the pizza restaurants in Civic Center Islamabad that started in 2015. They guarantee to deliver the finest pizza made with the freshest ingredients. They have a range of Pizza, Burgers and a variety of sidelines. Can be a perfect fast food restaurant for you.

On the official page, you can see that Downtown Slice is offering various deals which can be availed for dining, outdoor, delivery and takeaways. Some of them can be mentioned here. So, they have crispy deals featuring burgers and DTS deals featuring pizza. For instance, the crispy 5 deal includes 4 Crispy Burgers, 1 Bucket Fries and 1.5 ltr drink for just Rs 1499. Also, DTS 4 includes a Large Pizza, Garlic Bread, Small Fries and a 1.5 ltr drink for only Rs 1849. You can avail other amazing deals according to your requirements. These deals make your dinner super affordable.

Talking about the ambience, the restaurant is very pretty. All white with a touch of the blue and wooden entrance. The high ceiling makes it look quite spacious. The entrance looks like a hut which gives it an ancient cafe vibe. The decor is nicely done, different than the pizza parlours usually look like. Overall, it’s a nice, cosy place to sit in. so do try them out.

Downtown Slice Civic Center Contact Details

Website: http://www.downtownslice.com/ 

Address: Civic Center, Bahria Town Rawalpindi

Contact Number: 051-5733888

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Downtown Slice Menu

Skydine Revolving Restaurant

Photo by SkyDine Revolving Restaurant on Facebook

If you are looking for an experience that is expected in some foreign country, try Skydine Restaurants in Civic Center Islamabad. What’s so special about it? It is a 360-degree revolving restaurant built in the highest building. From here you can get a whole view of Bahria Town and enjoy the city lights at night. It is the only revolving restaurant in Pakistan. What an amazing experience it will be watching the twin cities from the highest restaurant. Other than the rooftop, they have other floors as well including a terrace. 

So, the restaurant has to offer desi food as well as Asian cuisine. There is a great range of on the grill menu with BBQ items in Chicken, Mutton, Beef and even seafood. You can get all their curries, Rice and so much more with a stunning view. Also, they have introduces Chinese bowls which has a similar method of ordering. Choose your curry with the sideline and you get to enjoy the awesomeness of desi Chinese which we all love. There is a variety of soups, starters, salads, desserts and much more. 

What can be more fun than getting to enjoy good food with a good view? The lights, the 360 rides and everything just adds up perfectly to the fine dining experience you never had before. And most importantly, their prices are super reasonable which again is rare at a restaurant like this.

Skydine Revolving Restaurant Contact Details

Website: https://skydinerevolvingrestaurant.business.site/ 

Address: STS Mall, 7th Floor, Civic Center Rawalpindi, 46000 Pakistan

Contact Number: 0317 8555000

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Skydine Menu

Baile Flavours Civic Center

Photo by Baile Flavours on Facebook

Baile flavours are another restaurant in Civic Center Islamabad that needs your attention. Started by 3 young entrepreneurs who wanted to bring the food street from around the world and Pakistan on your plate. So they offer steaks, burgers and much more. The restaurant is opened in a small place with few tables to cater for customers at a time. The place needs a bit of attention in terms of making it attractive.

The design and ambience need to be improved because every little aspect of what you offer plays a vital role in standing out these days. The good thing about this restaurant is the prices. You’ll be surprised to know how reasonable the rates are for what they offer.

No doubt the menu is quite limited but they offer some good flavours in burgers with appetizers, salads and drinks. You can get a nice portion of food at Baile Flavours within just Rs 500 per person. So visit now if you are looking for a budget-friendly as well as a new place for dinner.

Baile Flavours Contact Details

Address: Civic Center Bahria Town, Islamabad, Punjab 44000

Contact Number: (051) 2728834

Timings: 11 AM – 3 AM

Baile Flavours Menu

Here are some of the restaurants in Civic Center Islamabad that needs your attention as they are doing an amazing job in delivering amazing food and ambience. If you don’t want to miss out, add them to your wish list and share your experiences with us!

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