6 Pakistani Restaurants in F-10 Islamabad

There is all kind of cuisines and restaurants in F-10 Islamabad. Every corner, big or small is occupied by eateries and they are closely located with clothing brands and grocery stores and thus it’s a quite busy sector. The center of the Markaz is the hub of restaurants and has many food street style small dhabas, cafes, and famous restaurants.

You can have a lot of variety, especially in Pakistani cuisine. Since the indoor dining is closed for quite a while now, these restaurants have modified themselves and focused on how to create outdoor seating for their customers. This is the reason you will see a good crowd sitting outside waiting for their food. These restaurants in Islamabad are mostly making on-the-grill BBQ items and thus the aroma in the air is just amazing.

We have listed 6 of these amazing Pakistani restaurants in F-10 Islamabad that are very famous, unique, and have something different to offer. So, each of these you must try. It is a good guide if you are new in Islamabad so read ahead.

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Restaurants In F10 Islamabad

Tandoori Restaurants 

Tandoori Restaurant
Photo by Tandoori Restaurant

One of the pioneers in the restaurant industry who mastered Pakistani cuisine is Tandoori restaurant located in sector F-10/1 Islamabad. They started almost 27 years ago in 1993 intending to deliver good food and quick service to ensure customer satisfaction. It is one of the best restaurants in F10 Islamabad. With time they have opened up multiple branches in Islamabad, Faisalabad, and Burewala. The restaurant serves the best Pakistani cuisine food along with other options in Continental and Chinese cuisine. 

The branch in F-10 is in the running most of the time. The restaurant itself has been designed and made beautifully. You can see tile work on the walls and furniture, making the whole theme very colorful and is paired with dim lights. The staff is generous and would attend to the customers with a warm welcome and then, later on, assist in menu selection. The tandoori restaurant provides a fine dining experience along with authentic desi food and is a little expensive than most of the average restaurants serving Pakistani food. You can book your table for the Ala Carte menu or you can also enjoy their lunch and dinner buffet. Please note that if you wish to visit, make sure to reserve your table. Also, follow all the Corona SOPs to avoid any inconvenience.

The restaurant menu has a lot of variety in starters, Pakistani specialties, Namak Mandi, Chinese rice and noodles, Burgers & sandwiches and finally desserts. You can also hire Tandoori for catering and event management. They offer their services at your desired location for corporate events, weddings, and banquets. Most of the Islamabadis are loyal customers of Tandoori when it comes to getting catering services. They provide quality and taste with hygienic food.

Tandoori F10 Restaurant Contact Details

Website: https://tandoori.pk/ 

Address: Khursheed Market, St#30, F-10/1 Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Contact Number:  (051) 2105566

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Tandoori Menu


Photo by Chattha’s on Facebook

Not a very long time ago, a Pakistani restaurant was opened in Tariq Market, F10/4 Islamabad. It’s one of the best restaurants in F-10 Islamabad for desi breakfast. Since its inception, Chattha’s got very famous because of one thing. And that was its Halwa Puri breakfast and other amazing desi breakfast items that were availed not only on Sunday but also on working days. The main idea behind Chattha’s restaurant was to open a space that will serve our traditional breakfast in a clean and hygienic environment that also sets a good ambiance and a location worth mentioning on social media. This was a major gap in the restaurant industry in Islamabad. As mostly, you will find Halwa Puri Nashta in very below-average restaurants that you don’t wish to sit in.

Starting with this idea, the team did really well with the design of the restaurant which is based on three stories. Two of the floors have indoor dining while the third one is an open rooftop. Despite the fact that the restaurant has quite a place, it still gets very difficult to get a table without a reservation. But even though you haven’t reserved, it will take a 15-20 mins wait. Another unique fact about Chattha’s is that it serves Halwa Puri every day which is extremely rare to find elsewhere. However, the timings differ on weekdays and weekends.

Chattha’s menu is all about Pakistani cuisine. There is a lot of variety in BBQ menu, Karahis and traditional dishes like Qeema Mattar, Daal and much more. Other than you will find a lot of options in Tandoor as they specialize in Chicken Naan, Cheese Naan, etc. The restaurant is expensive but worth the environment. 

Chattha’s Contact Details

Address: Plaza 1 N, Street 14, Tariq Market، F-10/2, Islamabad Capital Territory

Contact Number: (051) 8444636

Timings: 7:30 AM – 11:30 PM

Chattha’s Menu

Restaurants In F10 Markaz Islamabad


Photo by Roaming Pakistan
Photo by Roaming Pakistan

Ramak; a small setup of Pakistani cuisine was recently introduced in F-10 Markaz Islamabad. It’s one of the most unique restaurants in F-10 Islamabad. It is located right next to the KFC F10 branch and there are many other big and small eateries that are opened up nearby. The restaurant has very strategic importance location-wise because it’s the busiest area as many clothing brands and other shops are here. Ramak is basically serving Pakistani food in an eastern style in a way that the small area has been decored pretty well. 

In the beginning, Ramak got a good amount of hype because of its Tawa Chicken as no such thing was available in Islamabad. However, people were aware of it as they got to try it at many food festivals. So as soon as they opened up, most of us rushed to try their Tawa Chicken. Other than that, the restaurant serves a variety of Thaali which is a platter consisting of different items. Some of these are Karahi Thaali which has a portion of Mughlai Hand, Smoked Karahi, and Chicken Karahi. Then there is all in one Thaali that can serve up to four people. This platter is a combination of different Handi and Karahi paired with BBQ items and Mandi rice. All of these are available at very reasonable rates.

The restaurant is in a very small area with an indoor and outdoor setting. Hardly 3-4 tables can be accommodated in each of them. And since indoor dining is closed, very few can get to sit in the outdoor area. So, either you have to take away or make your reservation before visiting. It’s better to take your food home if you are with family because that would be more suitable.

F10 Markaz Restaurants: Ramak Contact Details

Address: Shop 9, Millat Plaza, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Contact Number: 0333 9081858

Timings: 1 PM – 12 AM

Ramak Menu

Janaan Restaurant

Photo by Janaan Restaurant on Facebook

Another recently started Pakistani cum Afghani restaurant is Janaan restaurant located on Sumbal Road in F-10 Markaz Islamabad. The prime location right in the center of Markaz has got a lot of attention. The restaurant gives a very food street vibe. Janaan was started with a very artistic look. It has a small door that leads to a small dining room. The artifacts of this small area are very interesting as you can see truck art in bright colors and antique looks. 

To know whether the restaurant is successful or not, just pass through it and you will see a lot of people chilling and enjoying it here. The aroma in the air is enough to stop and force you to take a seat but that’s only possible if you are lucky enough to find an empty one. Because that’s hard. If you are ok with not such a fancy place and prefer more focus on food. Also, if you are with the family and are comfortable with most of the tables occupied by men then add this place to your list of restaurants that you want to try.

Janaan menu has a variety of Pakistani dishes including Handi and Karahi. They have a separate column for afghani BBQ and Mutton Rosh. There are options for vegetarians as well but this restaurant is for meat lovers mostly. Try out their family platter that you can order in full or half depending upon the number of guests sharing. The restaurant has recently changed its look and has expanded its outdoor dining area because of the ban on the indoor set-up. It is never a dull corner and you will find people cherishing Islamabad weather and good food here.

F10 Markaz Restaurants: Janaan Contact Details

Address: f-10 Markaz restaurants, Islamabad Capital Territory

Contact Number: 0302 0958637 

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Janaan Menu

Butt Karahi

Butt karahi restaurants i f-10 islamabad
Photo by Butt Karahi on Islamabad

The very famous Butt Karahi has opened up its restaurants in F-10 Markaz Islamabad. With so many of its branches already running all around Islamabad and Lahore, they have still managed to continue its growth and expansion. Butt Karahi is a famous restaurant for Karahi and other Pakistani cuisine dishes as the name suggests itself. It has a tagline that says ‘King of Karahi’. They started off with one or two outlets that were like what you see in most of the local desi restaurants. There was no ambiance, just a big dining area where customers would sit and wait for their food. They had a separate family and gents area which is still the case but the look was entirely different.

However, now if you take a look at their latest branches, they are designed and decorated properly with quite an ambiance for outdoor dining. Their food has always been a standard no one could be accomplished when it comes to Pakistani cuisine especially their range of Karahi. Some of their featured products are  Mutton Seekh Kabab, Mutton Makhani, and Chicken Madrasi Handi that you got to try on your next visit. There is a lot of fake butt Karahi as well which is why it gets really hard to find the authentic ones. For this, you can locate their authentic outlets. 

Due to the ban on indoor dining, all the Butt Karahi branches are offering outdoor dining, takeaway, and deliveries. So call on 0306-0666 605 to place your order or for a reservation. Make sure you follow all the SOPs as everyone’s health is the top priority. 

F10 Markaz Restaurants: Butt Karahi Contact Details

Website: https://buttkarahi.com.pk/ 

Address: Service Rd E, F-10 Markaz, Islamabad Capital Territory

Contact Number: 0306 0666605

Timings: Open 24 hours

Butt Karahu Menu

Khabbay Ki Sajji

Khabbay ki sajji
Photo by Khabbay ki Sajji on Facebook

You will find all kinds of eateries, small or big in this hub of F-10 Markaz Islamabad. Another small restaurant in F-10 Islamabad worth mentioning is Khabbay Ki Sajji because it brought a very unique idea at the time of its inception. Now you will see many restaurants following a similar menu. So basically Khabbay ki Sajji is all about serving Sajji in a very different style. Sajji itself is a traditional Punjabi dish in which the whole chicken with its skin is grilled on a very low flame and it takes hours to cook. The spice on the Chicken is kept very mild but the slow cooking makes it very flavourful. To make it even more flavourful, Khabby ki Sajji offers it in different flavors and sauces.

Their food is served on plates that are made from sand and is hand-painted; very traditional. Their Sajji menu offers a variety of sauces that are added on top of a Sajji quarter piece served with different sidelines including Arabic Rice, Masala rice etc. Other than Sajji, the restaurant also serves a variety of Karahi on the grill menu and much more but the place is known for its Sajji. Do try their peri-peri Sajji with Arabic rice and you will love it. They have different portion sizes like the quarter chicken piece is single-serving then they have half and full Sajji. 

The restaurant itself is very small but has limited indoor and outdoor seating. Even this small place will take you to village life as the stools they are using, the crockery they serve in everything has a very strong vibe of traditional stuff that you would find in the villages. Do take a look at this place or just order online because it’s worth trying. Something traditional with a twist is always good.

F10 Markaz Restaurants: Khabbay Ki Sajji Contact Details

Address: Service Rd E, F-10 Markaz Islamabad Capital Territory 44000

Contact Number: 0316 5422229

Timings: 5 PM -12 AM

Khabbay Ki Sajji Menu

Here we a list of restaurants in F-10 Islamabad that are serving Pakistani cuisine and are unique in one way or another. Most of them have opened up recently and are running successfully. So, if you haven’t tried them yet then visit their websites, Facebook pages, or menu and make a reservation or order online. Do let us know what you think.

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