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It wouldn’t be wrong to say that eateries in Islamabad are booming and have shaken the local eating scene. Business is thriving, as evidenced by the influx of fancy names to trendy and unique dining areas to advertisements attracting diners to their restaurants. While visiting Shakarparian, you might have come across the 1969 Restaurant that has been carefully tucked into the scenic beauty of Islamabad. 

We have all wished to own a time machine at some part of our lives just to experience the retro world. The owners of the 1969 Restaurant feel your urge to live in the past. For this reason, they built a venue where you can experience all the old-times vibes while also savouring the finest of all-time meals. 

If you want to relive the 1960s, you’ve come to the right place. We will assist you in exploring what this cafe has in store for you! And we’ll answer your other questions about how good or bad the food is and what kind of atmosphere it has. 

Roaming Pakistan tries to ensure complete accuracy of information displayed on its website. These prices are accurate as of 06 June 2023.

1969 Restaurant Menu

1969 restaurant menu


ItemPrice (Rs)
Stuffed Chicken Fingers969
Fish finger1299
Popular Supreme Nachos749
Hot & Spicy Wings949
Combo starter1469


ItemPrice (Rs)
Golden Thai Soup410
Summer Set Mushroom Soup410
Chicken Corn Soup410
Hot and Sour Soup410
Clear Vegetable Soup410
Soup of the Day410


ItemPrice (Rs)
Bread Basket295
Keema Naan230
Cheese Naan255
Aloo Paratha165
Garlic Naan55
Roghni Naan55
Plain Naan50
Kalonji Naan55
Tandoori Partha90

Sideline Order

ItemPrice (Rs)
Mashed Potatoes, Baked Potatoes, French Fries275
French Fries375


ItemPrice (Rs)
Caramel cheese cake699
Skillet cookies with ice cream699
Almond Milk Cake599
Skillet Toffee Pudding699
Chocolate Brownie599
1969 Famous jalabi499
Chocolate Molten Lava Cake699
Seasonal Halwa399
Kulfa Falooda399


ItemPrice (Rs)
Iced Mocha with Ice Cream330
Smoothie 1969(Chocolate, Mango, Banana, Strawberry, Blueberry, Peach and Lemon)490
Fresh Juices (Seasonal)499


ItemPrice (Rs)
Sweet Lassi250
Saltish Lassi250
Fruit Lassi415


ItemPrice (Rs)
Margaritas 1969295
Mint Sparkling330
Berry Lemonade330
Peach Lemonade330
Mint Lemonade399
Pina Colada469
Blue Colada330
Cold Coffee189
Mango Punch330
Fresh Lime150
Soft drinks199
Ice Tea (Peach, Lemon)349
Large Mineral Water140
Small Mineral Water80

Hot Beverages on 1969 Restaurant Menu

ItemPrice (Rs)
1969 Special Karak Chai269
German Chocolate469
Black and White Coffee220
Green Tea169
Mint Tea169
Masala Tea269
Black Tea169
Mixed Tea/ Doodh Pati249
Lemon Grass Tea169
Fresh Beans Cappuccino469
Cafe Latte469
Hot Chocolate469


ItemPrice (Rs)
Chatpatay Baingan970
Karai Pakora999
Special Dal Makhani970
Palak Paneer999
Daal Khatai9700


ItemPrice (Rs)
Mutton Karahi 2369
Mutton Achari Handi 2469
Brain Masala1385
Palak Gosht1495
Brain Masala1469

Bar. B.Q Live at 1969 Restaurant 

ItemPrice (Rs)
Premium BBQ Platter 12000
1969 Special Bar.B.Q Platter Rs. 6299
1969 Special Leg RoastRs. 5969
Roasted ChickenRs. 1969
Mutton Chops (6 Pes) Rs. 2199
Fish Tikka Rs. 1699
Chicken Turkish KababRs. 1499
Chicken Peri Peri Tikka Rs. 1669
Chicken Malai BotiRs. 1669
Chicken Gola Kebab Rs. 1499
Chicken Cheese Boti Rs. 1499
Beef Afghani BotiRs. 1499
Beef Seekh Kabab Rs. 1599
Reshmi Seekh KababRs. 1499
Chicken Chatkhara Boti Rs. 1499
Chicken Tikka Rs. 850

Pasta by 1969 Restaurant 

ItemPrice (Rs)
Alfredo With Blackened Chicken Rs. 1099
Pasta de Mexicana
Rs. 1199
Chicken & Mushroom Lasagna Rs. 1199
Chicken LasagnaRs. 1199
Beef & Vegetable Chow-Mein
Rs. 1299/-

Mughlai Food

ItemPrice (Rs)
Mughlai Shish Taouk Handi 1699
Murgh Shab-Daig 1390
Murgh Makhan Wala1390
Hyderabadi Chicken1390
Mughalai Chicken Biryani 1280
Mughlai Mutton Biryani 1500


ItemPrice (Rs)
White Chicken Karahi 1699
B.B.Q Butter Chicken1699
Madarasi Chicken 1699
‘Chicken Hara Masala 1699
Special Murgh Handi1699
Makhani Karahi 1699
Koyla Karahi 1699
Aloo chicken keema1320


ItemPrice (Rs)
1969 Courtyard Salad 660
Green Salad 399
Caesar Salad 660
Russian Salad 660
Nicoise Salad 869
Tangy Green Chicken Salad869

Burgers and Sandwiches

ItemPrice (Rs)
Pulled Beef SandwichRs. 899
Club SandwichRs. 799
Homemade 1969 Chicken Burger Rs. 869/-
Homemade 1969 Beef BurgerRs. 999
Grilled Chicken Sandwich Rs. 799

Seafood Offered by 1969 Restaurant

ItemPrice (Rs)
1969 Fish‘n’ ChipsRs. 1369
Fish With Tarragon Sauce Rs. 1450
Prawns TempuraRs. 1969
Lahori Fried Fish Rs. 1450



ItemPrice (Rs)
Marinated Beef Tenderloin with a sauce of your choice (1969 Special Sauce, Mexican Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, and Pepper Sauce)Rs.1899
Marinated Grilled Chicken with a sauce of your choice (1969 Special Sauce, Mexican Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, and Pepper Sauce) Rs. 1499


ItemPrice (Rs)
Dumpukht Mutton Biryani Rs. 1599
Dumpukht Chicken Biryani Rs. 1399
Parda Chicken BiryaniRs. 1399
Shrimp Fired RiceRs. 1199
Chicken Fried Rice Rs. 999


Chicken Entrees

ItemPrice (Rs)
Chicken Supreme
Rs. 1499
Parmesan Crusted ChickenRs. 1499
Smoked B.B.Q ChickenRs. 1499
Chicken Chilli DryRs. 1499
Chicken ManchurianRs. 1499
Beef Chilli DryRs. 1599

P.S: you can also get in touch with the management to know the 1969 restaurant buffet price.

Ambience and Services 

1969 ambiance

The primary purpose of starting this restaurant was to bring the best eating services to the people of Islamabad. The restaurant will never want to compromise on the services that it provides its customers. As it is you who make us and break a business. If you ever face a problem at the 1969 Restaurant, their competent management will be available to help you out.  

Plating at 1969 Restaurant

1969 plating

The platters and plates used to serve the cuisine are similar to those used in cultural and traditional Pakistani settings. Meals at the 1969 Restaurant are served in the clay Handis and Multani-painted dishes. The lassi and beverages are presented in steel glasses. The customized table mats feature news clippings from the past times. It shows how much care was put into bringing this eatery to life.

What Can I Order at the 1969 Restaurant?

Here comes the main question, and we will happily answer you. This place is beautifully built and provides the best environment but its primary purpose to serve is that it makes you lick your fingers. In the 1969 restaurant history till now, they could do it since the clients provided us with favourable reviews.

You may order anything from Pakistani comfort cuisine to desi hot Bar-B-Q pieces to western pasta, salads, and steak from the 1969 Restaurant menu. Let’s have a peek at what specialities the cafe 1969 has to offer in terms of food.

Where Is the Location of the 1969 Restaurant? 

If you are searching where this lovely location is, don’t worry. We have got you covered. The owners have selected an ideal space with fresh air for your dining pleasure. To reach the location, you will have to take the route that will lead you to Shakarparian. This trail will lead you to Lok Virsa, which is direct across from where people at cafe 1969 are preparing to serve you the tastiest meals in Islamabad.

Why Is There So Much Hype Around the 1969 Restaurant?

Typically, the dining areas are enclosed in large halls. Their dining space is located in one of Islamabad’s most peaceful and green areas, making it a visual treat. Because Shakarparian’s extensive botanical gardens are next to the 1969 Restaurant, it gives value to their café.

The inspiration for the vintage décor of the 1969 Restaurant is taken from the old ages. In addition, the well-maintained lawn provides a beautiful atmosphere for clients who come to see us. Another aspect of the 1969 Restaurant menu that we shall discuss later in this article is their yummiest food.

Is It Possible to Hold a Wedding Ceremony at the 1969 Restaurant?

Yes, the cafe’s doors are always open to entertain your holiday gatherings or wedding festivities. You have to contact the restaurant’s administration to reserve days for your events. You may also request a 1969 restaurant menu and prices to see what we can cater to your guests.

Where Can I Contact the 1969 Restaurant in Times of Need?

The cafe has just one main branch operating, and that is in Islamabad. For any issues or queries, you can always ring the eatery on 1969 Restaurant contact number: 0323 9691969. Additionally, you can also drop them an email at 1969.cafe@gmail.com.

Who Owns the 1969 Restaurant?

Syed Jibran, the restaurant owner, is a well-known Pakistani TV star who also owns several other reputable food businesses. 

In the end, as we earlier stated, it is you who make an eatery grow in the industry. So, we will ask you to visit this place once to take a look at its interior, location, services provided, and, of course, the taste of cuisine. You’ll be able to tell why it is the greatest in town after that. If you’ve already dined at 1969 Restaurant, we’d appreciate it if you could leave us some feedback in the comments area.

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