10 Restaurants You Need To Know In Sector F-7 Islamabad

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Sector F-7  Islamabad has always been a hub of restaurants, shopping centers along with the residential area and schools. Although Islamabad as a whole is much more crowded now than it used to be, F-7 is the one sector where most of the residents come either to dine out or shop.

Even the restaurants and brands prefer to open their outlets here because of the access to the target market and more reach. So, there are definitely a lot of restaurants in Islamabad F7 sector that fall into different categories of cafes, dhabas, ice cream parlors, and desi spots, beverages. Here, we have added 10 restaurants that most of you have visited or at least have noticed in the vicinity. If you haven’t tried, then go on!

No doubt there are a lot more others but let’s just focus on the 10 restaurants in F7 Islamabad that must know about if want to know about Chinese Restaurants then must have a read. So read ahead.

Howdy F-7 Islamabad

Photo by Howdy on Facebook

Famous burger restaurant, Howdy has a branch in F-7 Islamabad. Its other outlet is in Foodcourt Centaurus Mall. The one in F-7 is located in the center of the restaurant’s strip and there are many other options available in the area. However, you will always find it extremely crowded.

They have a long queue of customers waiting their turn to get a table. Even when the indoor and outdoor dining were closed, there was a big crowd, waiting for their takeaways. In short, Howdy is always running to its full capacity. 

Howdy restaurant is known for its beef burgers. Their huge messy burgers are loved by girls and boys of all ages. Along with that, their Rotisserie Chicken got quite a lot of attention and they were able to successfully launch it a while ago. Howdy has steaks, a few desserts, and shakes.

They serve their burgers with curly fires which were not very common back then and only a few of the restaurants were having them. The Son of a Bun is the famous one on the menu which everyone must try.

Photo by Howdy on Facebook

The outdoor seating at F-7 Howdy is very interesting, gives you into the field kinda feeling. There are wooden benches where you can sit with a shade on each bench and hanging dim light bulbs. Everything adds up to create a very rustic vibe. One corner of the area is allocated to the events so it is a small decorated corner for birthdays and stuff.

As far as indoor dining is concerned, you will see a lot of wooden work, Horse seats and waiters wearing cowboy hats. All of this is inspired by a country vibe with horse riding. It’s fun to be here!

F7 Restaurants- Howdy Contact Details

Website: https://howdy.pk/ 

Address: Gol Market, Shop 6، F 7/3, Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 2611182

Timings: 12 PM – 1 AM

Howdy Menu

Char Grill Central

Photo by CGC – Char Grill Central on Facebook

Right next to Howdy is another restaurant in F-7 Islamabad by the name CGC. It’s a short form of Char Grill Central. It is a very small, cute, and attractive entry in the Gol market that has gotten its customers quickly. They make the best burgers in town. As soon as you take a bite, the cheese and everything will simply melt in your mouth, bursting with juicy rich flavours.

This place as compare to Howdy right next to it is very very calm, quiet and not crowded at all. You will hardly see any mess around here because of people overloading and if you think this is the kind of place you are looking for then step in. Because the food is amazing, their staff is super professional and you’ll be served hot and fresh. The place is very cosy, a nice yellow indoor set up to enjoy your meal.

CGC only has chicken and beef burgers with french fries and curly fries, the choice is yours. The menu is very limited, you might not get much variety but whichever you order, you’ll probably end up buying the same again and again. So, their Chicken Overload is simply amazing. It has its signature chicken patty; extremely juicy and flavourful, jalapenos, onion, tomato, and cheese. You can also choose the one without jalapenos if you don’t like the spice. Last year they came up with Cornetto Ends.

All of us have a separate love for the Cornetto cone ends filled with chocolate so what CGC did was, they introduced just the cone ends in 6 or 12 servings. OMG! People loved it as it was full of fun, especially for kids. What a big hit that was. 

F7 Restaurants- CGC Contact Details

Website: https://www.chargrillcentral.com/ 

Address:  Gol Market, Shop 5, F-7/3 Islamabad

Contact Number: 0331 8662228

Timings: 12 PM – 3 AM

CGC Menu

Beef Lettuce Tomato

Photo by BLT on Facebook

Another cafe in the same vicinity of Gol Market F-7 Islamabad is open by the name Beef Lettuce Tomato aka BLT. The cafe was got opened a few years ago. It was designed and built according to the latest trends; glass walls and high ceilings. The cafe is painted in white which gives it a spacious and fresh look.

The sunlight comes in from everywhere so, at day time, it is a good option to be at for breakfast or lunch. Even at the light, the cafe is completely lit with bright yellow fairy light so again a perfect place to be for dinner.

At BLT, you can get a variety of options available in food from different cuisines including Italian, Mediterranean, Fast food, Breakfast menu, and much more. So the menu is broken down into soups, starters, and salads. Moving on to their breakfast menu followed by pizza and flatbread. Then they also have a variety of Pasta, Asian cuisine, and Seafood. Don’t forget to try out something from their burger menu or beef and chicken steaks.

Photo by BLT on Facebook

At Blt, you can enjoy a range of cocktails, drinks, and mojitos. Not to forget the dessert menu which has a variety of delicacies hot and cold. Their Tres Milk cake is the most favorite and running dessert, You really get to indulge yourself in the sweetness of the moist cake. 

BLT is open for indoor and well outdoor dining while the indoor is open for half capacity. Not to forget, this half capacity can only be allotted to vaccinated individuals. The outdoor is as beautiful with fairy lights ceiling on top and starry nights. The fresh air and unpredictable weather of Islamabad make it even better. The restaurant though should improve its service and food a little bit. 

BLT Contact Details

Website: https://www.facebook.com/BLTIslamabad/ 

Address: Gol Market, Street 8, F-7/3 Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 2610917 

Timings: 11 AM – 2 AM

BLT Menu

Sage Cafe and Grill 

Photo by The Sage Cafe & Grill on Facebook

A new restaurant in F-7 Islamabad has opened by the name Sage Cafe and Grill at the old location of Roasters Coffeehouse. Your impression would be the cafe is almost like that of roasters in terms of the menu and even the entire ambiance is very similar. The design and decor have been kept more bright though with the addition of greenery but it’s almost similar. The customers did not feel much difference in the experience they had. Even they are offering the same deal that used to be 50% off on the second entree however it’s for all day and only on delivery and takeaway. And at lunch hours the same deal applies for dine-in too from noo till 5 PM.

The menu is in fact very detailed with lots of unique dishes that are hard to find such as Hot Pot; a Chinese specialty. It is a combination of Prawns, Fish, Calamari, Beef, Chicken cooked in a spicy broth with noodles and chicken. This item has been quite famous at Sage and maybe you want to give it a try too. Talking about the rest of their menu, their presentation style is unique. They offer a large variety of grilled chicken served in many ways, they have steaks and a range of pasta dishes.

Photo by The Sage Cafe & Grill on Facebook

Then they have salads, soups, and appetizers at the very beginning. Sage offers some serious Chinese cuisine that you must try. Last but not the least, there is a separate menu for hot and cold beverages and amazing desserts to end your perfect meal. 

Indoor dining at Sage cafe will give you a remarkable experience. The design is based on rusty wooden works, modern furniture, and green plants to make an ambiance fresh and calm. The staff is equally cooperative and provides quick service. 

Sage restaurant Islamabad – Contact Details

Address: 6-B, Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 2656544

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Sage Menu

Atrio Cafe F-7 Islamabad

Photo by Atrio | Cafe & Grill on Facebook

Atrio Cafe is a restaurant in F-7 Islamabad with a terrace and a rooftop. It is located on two floors above Two Broke Engineers; another Chinese restaurant. The restaurant gives a stunning view of Margalla Hills especially at night you can see the lights following to Pir Sohawa. Very beautiful scenery to look at at at night. Atrio Cafe has been there for quite a long time, they have changed their set-up multiple times but their recent one is just wow. You can use this location not just for food but also for organising events on a lower level.

The cafe has lots and lots of options to offer you. Whether you are in the mood for some good steak or you are craving a massive burger, you can definitely visit Atrio. Their menu is diverse, covering almost all the food items you can think of before entering a multi-cuisine cafe. Not only this, Atrio has a Pakistani menu as well where you can order yourself some amazing Chicken Biryani or a mixed BBQ Platter because you are sorted in every possible way.

The cafe has amazing customer reviews before the pandemic, was hitting high till then and even after that, they managed to cope for some time. However, we have been noticing i great downfall in their food quality. The ambience is amazing however they need to work on their food as well as staff behaviour.

At Atrio you can avail a personal booth for a birthday celebration for just Rs 999. The offer is valid from Monday to Thursday. Also, you will get 10% off on the entire menu with a free margarita with the order of each meal.

Atrio Cafe Contact Details

Address: College Rd, near Saeed Book Bank, Jinnah Super Market، F-7 Markaz Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 8319999

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Atrio Cafe Menu

Kabul Restaurant

Photo by Roaming Pakistan

At the heart of F-7 Markaz Islamabad, there is an Afghani restaurant that you all must have visited once at least. Yes, we are talking about Kabul restaurant; the most running of all the Arabic, Syrian, Turkish and afghani eateries. It is one of the oldest spots that has gradually expanded over the years and has two outlets now both at a very close location. One is for gents only and the other is a family restaurant but both are in F-7 at a distance of less than a kilometre. It’s not a fancy place but their food is to die for.

They serve the authentic Afghani taste that you will not find elsewhere. Kabul restaurant in F-7 Islamabad is all about Namkeen BBQ. Their most famous items are beef tikka and beef Kebabs that are served directly on skewers. You can order them in half a dozen, a dozen and so on. Each skewer has 3-4 pieces with veggie cubes. There are other items as well such as Kabuli Pulao, Chicken Tikka, Chicken roast and much more but the items mentioned earlier have the highest demand.

These are served with their signature sour and sweet green sauce. The service is so quick that you can always call the waiter for more because it’s not easy to get enough. The fun part is having a competition amongst your fellows on how many skewers you can eat.

The restaurant has a street food vibe. All of their BBQ items are grilling outside. The waiters are running to serve the tables. Everything is super efficient, steaming hot and people find extremely busy in their food that they don’t even care about the ambience. There must be some emphasis on hygiene and cleanliness but the rest of the things are spot on

Kabul Restaurant Contact Details

Address:  Plot No. 17, F-7 Markaz, Jinnah Super Market Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 2650953

Timings: 5:30 PM – 12 AM

Kabul Restaurant Menu


Photo by Franco’s on Facebook

One of the best cafes or restaurants in F-7 Islamabad is Franco’s for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. The cafe is located at a prime location with multiple restaurants running nearby, right in between Ginyaki F-7 and Sage cafe and grill. But they have proven themselves with world-class food and the best behavior staff. It’s a very American-style cafe with a color combination of green, red, and white. After entering the space, you’ll get a country vibe from the design and the furniture. At the corner, there is a Live kitchen so that you can the chief cooking.

An extremely nice and clean place where the management takes responsibility for the hygienic environment. Francos’ is an American, Italian, and Continental cafe serving a variety of deliciousness. However, they got famous for their Parmo which has a crispy crust breaded chicken fillet topped with melting cheese and pepperoni served with coleslaw and fries. There are few options available in Paemo, you can go classic or you can go spicy with Jalapenos.

Other than that, they have amazing sizzling steaks. Their Tarragon chicken steak is a hit. The quality is top-notch, the portion is size is huge. There is nothing you would like to improve in their food.  However, they could have managed to design the space a little more bright and spacious. Right now, the aesthetics are not making sense, the color theme is not very welcoming and probably you won’t expect such good food while waiting for it if it’s your first time.

So, the management should think of something sleek, modern, and bright. Because the food is too good here. You can easily enjoy your dinner at Rs 1500 per person. You might be taking home your leftovers so order wisely.

Franco’s Contact Details

Address:  Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 2656919

Timings: 7 AM – 12 AM

Franco’s Menu

Jessie’s F-7 Islamabad

Photo by Jessie’s on Facebook

If we say that Gourmet Burgers were that one thing that has put Jessie’s on the map then it won’t be wrong. Yes, another burger spot in F-7 Islamabad is here to mesmerize you not only with food but its urban, your culture that has brought it to life. It’s not just a restaurant but a social space where you meet and greet people. You listen to the best music, you get a chance to see liver performances and much more.

The rockstar vibe check is a must as soon as you get in as it’s obvious with the dark color theme, the vibrant retro decor, and lit atmosphere. This is all that our young generation asks for and this is key to success for a business like this. Now, Jessie’s has been quite a name in burger chains as they are dedicated to delivering the best. All of their ingredients are freshly brought in every day.

The core ingredients; meat is of premium quality sourced each day from local vendors which ensure that every bite of yours is flavoursome, juicy and tender. There are 12 options in Gourmet Burgers to choosing from. Other than that, they have premium steaks in white and red meat. the right balance in the seasoning, the on-point temperature of the meat as the customer demanded and that sizzling sound is all that you can ask from a good steak.

All of this is available at Jessie’s As mentioned earlier, it’s not only a restaurant but a social space where every day, some young talent is called for their musical performance. People get to jam here and if you are a music lover, you need to visit this place. Even their playlists at the restaurant can be taken from Youtube or Spotify.

Jessie’s F-7 Contact Details

Website: https://jessiesburger.com/ 

Address: Shop No. 5, Block،, 12D Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 8312209

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Jessie’s Menu

Burger Fest

Photo by burgerfestofficial on Facebook

If you are looking for something big, affordable, and not a very fancy place to sit then let us introduce you t a food street restaurant in F-7 Islamabad that sells unbelievable amazing burgers. At the beginning of this venture, we heard a lot of rumors that a Howdy Chef got away and started his own set up by this Burger Fest.

Don’t know how much of this is true or not but the chef here seems to have an experience of many years. It’s a simple stall with a grill and a counter placed outside a plaza in a pedestrian way. And that is about it. Burger Fest is believed to be using premium meat in chicken and beef burgers.

They have massive patty size with cheese exploding everywhere. You need to sit back and take a bite because it is not that easy to handle. All of this at a very reasonable price which is under Rs 500. The same size of a burger in a fancy restaurant will cost you around Rs 900, so what would you prefer?

Irresistible food or a nice place to sit? Burger Fest is also delivering its goodness throughout Islamabad. Please note that DHA, Bahria Town, and Rawalpindi are not included in their delivery areas.

Burger Fest Contact Details

Address: F-7 Markaz Islamabad

Contact Number: 0330 2888192

Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

Burger Fest Menu

Pappasallis F-7 Islamabad

Photo by Pappasallis on Facebook

One of the oldest Pizza restaurants in F-7 Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Bahria Town is famous by the name of Pappasallis. It is known for Italian cuisine and was started back in 1989. The branch in F-7 is the first one of the entire chain and has been operational for decades. Although everything has changed to some extent you can still get nostalgic as childhood memories are definitely associated with this place.

All of you who have been living in Islamabad must have visited Pappasallis for your favorite pizza restaurant back in your young days. Pappasallis was originally famous for its pizzas and its salad bar where you used to take a bowl and add all the available salad options to make a mountain out of it, adding as much as possible. That was the most exciting activity back then.

Now a lot has changed, the design and the menu. There is a range of pizza flavours, a variety of pasta dishes. Some Burgers and Sandwiches are also available. They have mojitos, drinks and desserts too. The restaurant is offering amazing deals for the year 2021 which you can avail for indoor dining, outdoor dining, delivery and takeaways. Their family deal includes 20-inches pizza, Nachos and a 1.5 ltr drink for Rs 2021.

Then they have a personal deal as well with 6-inches Pizza, Brownie and 2 pcs Chick for Rs 875. The ambiance of this space is absolutely stunning, calm and secluded. It takes you down the road to refresh your memories and get to live the place all over again so head out now and plan your dinner tonight.

Pappasallis F-7 Contact Details

Address: 13-E, Jinnah super market، F-7 Markaz, Islamabad

Contact Number: (051) 111 172 772

Timings: 11 AM – 3 AM

Pappasallis Menu

Did you like our list? Let us know in the comment section below if you like our list of restaurants in F7. Try out all the places if you haven’t and share your experiences. You can also add suggestions if you want information about any particular area related to tourism or food. 

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