10 Famous Places To Visit In Murree (2021)

View of Mall Road Murree

Murree is one of the most visiting places in Pakistan. The mere sight of Murree’s clouds hugging the mountains covered with layers of greenery fills the heart with happiness. Indeed, these picturesque sites enhance in the winter when regular snowfalls and cover Murree’s mountains.

This beautiful valley is the ultimate winter wonderland, a mere 40-minute drive from Islamabad. Tourists recommend Murree and its neighboring areas as visiting spots, especially in the winter. In Pakistan’s northern areas, it is a popular honeymoon destination. 

Murree is also known as Malka e Koshar is present at an altitude of 7,000 feet. Undoubtedly, Murree is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

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Murree Beautiful Places to visit:

As part of our travel guide, Roaming Pakistan assembled a list of the Ten Best Places to Visit in Murree. 

10- Mall Road

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The Mall road is one of the best places to visit in Murree. It is the longest street and the best marketplace in Murree. The Mall road is known for its unique handmade products. Here, popular products include jewelry, bags, shoes, carpets, shawls, wooden crafts, locally made decorative items, keychains with names, and many more.

In addition to being a buzzing, fun street that attracts tourists and locals alike, Mall Road provides you with an opportunity to experience life. Mall Road street keeps going till 3 am and is bustling with visitors.

Furthermore, several restaurants, hotels, and guesthouses are nearby; providing a  comfortable stay.

9- Pindi Point

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This resort property in Murree provides an exciting chair lift ride with an adorable scene. The chairlift rides are one of the most exciting things to do in Murree.  This elevated point provides a view of the twin cities of Pakistan. In order to reach Pindi Point, one must climb steeply. This spot is located a mere 15 minutes drive from Mall Road. You can cover this distance on your feet along the beautiful landscape. Furthermore, you should take a cable car ride from Pindi point to Bansra Gali on the way to Islamabad. From the capital to the Pindi point, this cable car has a distance of 63.1 kilometers.

To get to a heavenly place, you’ll walk along a 1.5 km path. In this divine way, mountains do teem with greenery, pines reach amazing heights, the Murree Hills dotted with oak trees and the steep zigzags of the road appear magnificent from a hilltop.

In short, this journey of Pindi point is similar to a fairy tale where a princess travels magical distances to meet her prince.

8- Kashmir Point 

Kashmir Point one of the best places to visit in Murree
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Kashmir Point is the highest point in Murree; its stunning environment and tranquillity make it one of the most popular vacation spots in Pakistan. Consequently, tourists flock to Kashmir Point every day. It is the best hiking site for visitors. It’s possible to see snow-capped Kashmir peaks from here. In addition, a sunny morning offers a great view of K2.

The Murree Safari Train carries tourists that pass through GPO, Forests, Cadet College Murree, and goes towards the President’s house. Moreover, there are delicious food stalls and amusement parks. Here, calm seekers can stay in lavish residential spots.

Nature lured tourists from the twin cities of Pakistan to Kashmir Point. Indeed, Pakistan’s highest point is a place of serene beauty and captivating sights.

7- Patriata (New Murree)

Patriata of Murree, best place to visit in Murree
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Patriata is a beautiful land full of charm with cool breezes and high trees. This well-developed hill station is 15 kilometers from the Murree mountains in the lower topa region. Additionally, you will be able to enjoy a 7 km long chairlift and cable cars that drop their passengers from New Murree to Patriata. Patriata is most Murree visiting places where the tourist arrives around the country.

Here, winters are snowy, and summers are lush and green, with dramatic scenery featuring lush vegetation, pine trees, and mountains. Patriata offers top-notch hotels for you to stay at. Also, discover the picturesque scenery of Patriata from a chairlift.

In fact, the chairlift, cable cars, and monkeys are popular attractions in Patriata. Monkeys are often seen roaming the streets. Sometimes these monkeys annoy tourists.

6- Bhurban

Places to visit in Murree
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Bhurban is one of the favorite spots for tourists. As a matter of fact, people tired of the central boulevard are drawn to the lush green expanse, five-star hotels, and enticing flora of Bhurban.

This amazing spot is about 13 km away from Murree; In addition to, this point connecting Murree with Azad Jammu Kashmir.

Bhurban is famous for its luxury hotel and reliable facilities. The Pearl Continental Hotel at Bhurban is the first choice of accommodation for people who prefer to stay in luxury.

5- Upper Topa and Lower Topa

Uppertopa one of the best places to visit in Murree
Photo by Military College Murree on Instagram

In Murree, the Upper and Lower Topa are fascinating places to visit. These places are located in the Punjab district. They are elevated at an altitude of 7000 ft. It’s a pleasing door of Murree. These elevated spots are the most popular places to visit in winter when they’re trimmed in white snow. In summer, tourists seek comfort in its cool breeze.

4- Rawat

The city of Rawat is magnificent; it is the union council of Rawalpindi Tehsil. Within a short distance of this lovely town, Bhurban’s tourist resorts can be found. Rawat is famous for the picturesque villages in its vicinity, including Mohra Darogha, Moori Khambaal, Sood Gangal, Dhok Amban, etc. Also, the medical center in the town is reputed to be excellent. Visit Rawat. It’s worth it.

3- Nathiagali

Nathiagali of Pakistan is the best place to visit in Murree.
Photo by Shakeel Ahmed.

Murree’s Nathiaglai is known as the most beautiful galyat. It is well known across Pakistan. This greenish valley is a true piece of heaven. It is located 35 km from Murree and Abbottabad, at an elevation of 8400 feet. Nathiaglai is one of the best places to visit in Murree.

In Nathiagali, tourists can explore enchanting views of the snow-covered peaks of Kashmir, Kohistan, and the Pothwar plain. Nathiagali lies on the doorstep of the 9779-foot Miranjani Mountain and the 9258-foot Muskh-puri Mountain. Moreover, it might be possible to see the magnificent hills of Nanga Parbat from here, with their snow-capped majesty.

The mountains of Nathiagali offer a spectacular view and pure excellence. Also, you have the chance to explore great wonders like Ghora Gali, Changla Gali, Dunga Gali, Bandra Gali.

2- Ayubia

Ayubia best place to visit in Murree
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Ayubia is the second most popular galyat in Murree after Nathiagali. In terms of visits, Ayubia tops the list. Tourists are predominantly attracted to it because of its rolling hills, steep slopes, and cool climate. From Islamabad, you can reach Ayubia in about two hours.

Ayubia is located at a height of 1050 meters; this range goes from 1050 meters to 3027 meters (from the valley to the mountain top). Furthermore, Ayubia Chairlift riding is a distinctive route to see the mountains.

The hill stations in Ayubia are versatile, have standard facilities. Galichangla, Khairagali, Ghor Dhaka, and Khanspur are among them.

1- Ghora Gali 

Ghora Gali one of the best places to visit in Murree
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The city of Murree has an exciting area called Ghora Gali. It’s located in northeast Punjab. Ghora Gali is a mountain resort at 1690 meters on an escarpment, high in the mountains.If you want to know the top 6 mountain ranges in Pakistan then must read our article There is a wide range of hotels, resorts, and shops available to serve visitors. Indeed, a mouthwatering variety of food attracts tourists. Here a person can enjoy delicious food items at a lower price while enjoying spectacular sceneries.

Best time for Snowfall In Murree

Winter visitors should visit Murree in late December or early January to witness the snowfall. Soft ice fall usually begins at the end of December and continues till January and February. Heavy Snowfall starts in February.

Springtime visitors should travel between April and October. October and November are the best months to visit Murree when the weather is comfortable.

Top 5-star hotels to stay in Murree

In Murree, you can find budget-friendly and luxury hotels, guest houses, resorts, and eating establishments. It has something to satisfy every palate. Moreover, among the most popular restaurants and cafés in Murree are Des Pardes Murree, Osmania Restaurant, Thali Restaurant, Murree Tabaq Restaurant, and Red Onion.

Murree also operates restaurants under numerous international chains including Pizza Hut, Gloria Jeans Coffee, and KFC.

Things to do Murree 

There are many things to do in Muree but besides hiking and walking, you can also ride the cable car of Ayubia. Additionally, enjoy the chairlift of Patriata. At Ghora Gali, enjoy the most delicious and traditional food. Explore the adventure of Kashmir Point. Furthermore, relax among the greenery at Mall Road, and don’t forget to bring home some wonderful handicrafts. In addition to the above, have fun with snowballs. Make balls and throw them at friends. 

Another interesting thing to do in Murree is

  • Visit the Sozo Adventure Park.
  • Playing golf on Bhurban’s golf course.
  • Take a ride on the Murree Safari train.


In short, Murree is an elegant entertainment package. You will experience a mental and spiritual refreshment as a result of this experience. If you’ve read this article, I hope you know what the Best Places to Visit in Murree are. Malka e Koshar is truly a great place to explore, both in the summer and winter. In addition, the government is taking many steps to increase tourism in hilly areas. You should consider these places whenever you schedule a trip with your family or your buddies to Murree. Plan Your Trip and Cherish my Folk!

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